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Enabling Technology

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Customer Success

aMind Solutions Seamlessly Integrates Oracle Siebel and Salesforce for Intuit

Powerful combination of the aMind Web Framework and the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator vastly improves Intuitís Call Center Quoting & Ordering processes.

* 89% reduction in order capture screens
* 50%+ improvement in task handle times
* Leveraged Siebel investment and reused existing custom business logic
* Provided a better customer experience

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Customer Success

aMind Implements a Multi-Channel Enterprise Product Catalog for Time Warner Cable

The aMind Enterprise API Accelerator, powered by the aMind Web Framework, provides Time Warner Cable with a single enterprise product catalog ? adding significant value across the companyís newly implemented CRM system.

* Reduce expenses by $30 million a year
* Increased revenue in e-commerce channel by 15%-20%
* Reduce time to market for new offer introduction

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Customer Success

aMind and Swisscom Deploy Multi-Channel Order Entry

Swisscom implements robust solution using the aMind Web Framework to establish web-based order entry across multiple channels.

* Reduced expenses by $30 million a year
* 80% improvement in order placement times
* 50% improvement in system response times

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Customer Success

aMind Delivers Order Management for Stryker

aMind Web Framework successfully solves significant configurator, performance, and usability problems for Stryker Communications and Stryker Endoscopy.

* 35% improvement in opportunity > order processing efficiency
* 80% Improvement in quote generation
* 70% improvement in application support costs
* 40% improvement in international development time
* 25% improvement in new product introduction

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Customer Success

aMind Successfully Implements Oracle Siebel CRM for Level 3 Communications

aMind Solutionsí end-to-end Siebel implementation completes critical early phases of Level 3ís business transformation project.

* 85% improvement in cost and time to market for new product introductions
* Reduced new customer quoting time from 5 days to 1 hour
* Reduced product configuration and order entry error rates
* Improved IT cost management
* Lowered long-term cost of ownership

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Customer Success

aMind Builds Multi-Channel Order Capture for GVT

aMind provides Global Village Telecom with an aMind Web Framework-enabled Siebel 8.1.x multi-channel e-commerce solution.

* 95% improvement in dealer training
* 90% improvement in offer configuration screens
* 60% improvement in cost to market for new offers & promotions
* 50% improvement in average system response times

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CRM is in Our DNA
CPQ is in Our DNA

For more than a decade, aMind's innovative technology and expert implementation services have helped the world's leading companies optimize their CRM investments.


10 Years CRM

Systems Expertise
Siebel, Salesforce, IBS

"What I cannot build, I do not understand. What I can definitely build is CRM."


3 years CRM

Systems Expertise

"aMind is forward-looking. Always interesting and innovating."


16 years CRM

Systems Expertise
Baan, Siebel, Salesforce

"Love amping solutions beyond expectations. Slick UX, flexible framework, elegant design!"


23 years CRM

Systems Expertise
BSCS, Cygent, Convergys, Smart BPM, Siebel

"Proud to part of a versatile team. All dedicated to delivering their best, every time."


8 years CRM

Systems Expertise
Siebel, Salesforce, custom

"Magic happens when clients streamline their business processes."


12 Years CRM

Systems Expertise
Chordiant, Pega, Siebel, Salesforce

"It's great to work with top quality individuals who make a team run smooth."


17 years CRM

Systems Expertise

"It's a thrill to design and implement solutions to complex customer problems."


8 years CRM

Systems Expertise
Siebel, Salesforce

"Working at aMind feels good! Fantastic clients, team and challenges."


11 Years CRM

Systems Expertise
Siebel, Salesforce

"Solving complex problems for important companies with a team of quality people; it doesn't get better than this."

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The aMind Web Framework has reduced overall order entry to just over four minutes. We plan to deploy aMind's technology across our entire enterprise.