About aMind Solutions

aMind Solutions is the leading provider of technology and services to extend enterprise backend systems such as Oracle Siebel, Salesforce, SugarCRM and other enterprise systems. By complementing and extending these backend systems, aMind Solutions helps companies deliver a world-class, seamless customer experience across all touch points: web, partner portal, contact center, eCommerce, and mobile apps.

aMind Company TimelineaMind products and solution accelerators, combined with aMind professional services, delivers powerfully intuitive, high performance solutions for: quote and order, process optimization, enterprise product catalog, e-commerce and enterprise mobility.

Forbes Global 1000 companies and leading telecommunications providers around the globe - such as Intuit, NetApp, Time Warner Cable, Stryker, and Swisscom - turn to aMind Solutions for its ability to deliver true omni-channel and mobile enablement of Oracle Siebel with intuitive, state-of-the-art user interfaces, and world-class process experiences. With its unmatched CRM expertise, aMind Solutions is the technology and service provider of choice for enabling best-in-class, process-oriented order management solutions whether deployed via desktop, web or mobile.

aMind Solutions is privately-owned with headquarters in San Ramon, California, USA.

Founded with a Vision: Propelled by Innovation

Starting with a vision of continual, progressive evolution of the world’s most complete CRM system - aMind Solutions was founded in 2005. The acquisition of Siebel Systems by Oracle Corporation that year provided an opportunity for the experts that designed and built the Siebel Order Management suite of products to create a company dedicated to improve and expand the capabilities of Siebel CRM through the development and delivery of innovative products and services.

Leveraging its unique Siebel domain knowledge, aMind Solutions first introduced the aMind Web Framework in 2007. The aMind Web Framework is a patent-pending technology that enables the deployment of Siebel functionality quickly and cost effectively using open standards Java development tools and the latest Web 2.0 technologies. This unique, innovative technology provides significant order management process and performance improvements and enables companies to expose entirely new levels of functionality to its entire community of users.

Expanding on the aMind Web Framework foundation, the company introduced a series of aMind Solution Accelerators into the market in 2010: aMind Products & Pricing Accelerator, aMind xPlay Accelerator, aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator, and aMind Enterprise API Accelerator.

Recognizing the market potential for mobilizing an enterprises workforce, aMind undertook a major development effort beginning in 2012 to address the need for enterprises to deploy high availability complex mobile apps.  Specifically aMind set out to solve the major challenges enterprises face when attempting to extend enterprise applications to a large, diverse mobile workforce related to efficient app operation in an offline setting and extending information and processes from multiple backend systems.  In 2013 aMind delivered it’s first deployment of this new mobile development platform and then began commercial marketing and sales of TethrOn  in 2014.

What Makes aMind Different from Other Vendors?

Unlike other solution providers and systems integrators, aMind Solutions has a singular mission to provide world-class, process-oriented order management and CRM solutions based on Oracle Siebel CRM.

With hundreds of years of collective CRM experience, the aMind team has the expertise needed to deliver the process and performance results your company is looking for. This intense focus and deep expertise is part of what separates aMind Solutions from other providers.

What truly sets aMind Solutions apart is aMind’s success guarantee. By contractually guaranteeing your positive business outcomes as a result of the aMind-enabled Siebel implementation, or optimization, aMind can guarantee outcomes such as reduced average handling times, quoting and ordering times or other process optimizations.

Unparalleled Expertise, Innovative Technologies, Absolute Commitment to Customers, and More

The key differentiators that set aMind Solutions apart from the competition:

  • Intense Focus
    • aMind is 100% focused on optimizing and extending Oracle Siebel CRM systems.
  • Unmatched Expertise
    • aMind Solutions was founded by the experts who originally designed and built the Siebel Order Management suite of products.
    • The aMind Professional Services team is comprised of highly experienced CRM experts who have successfully deployed complex and challenging implementations around the globe. Team members each bring a minimum of 5 to 7 years of CRM development and implementation experience to every engagement.
    • Firsthand experience transforming CRM systems for the world’s largest high tech manufactures and telecommunications companies - since the first customer implementation in 2006, more than 70 customer implementations have gone live and are now in production.
  • Innovative, Leading Technologies
    • The aMind Web Framework is a patent-pending technology that allows customers to deploy Siebel functionality as web-browser applications quickly and cost effectively across multiple channels using open standards Java development tools, and the latest Web 2.0 technologies.
    • Continuing to innovate, aMind’s mobile development platform, TethrOn, was developed specifically to address the challenge of extending multiple backoffice applications, data and processes to an ever expanding mobile workforce that uses a diverse and rapidly evolving set of mobile devices, OSs, and apps while often working in offline settings.
  • World-Class Best Practices
    • aMind has developed proven, best practices methodologies incorporated through extensive implementation experience to ensure maximum performance, benefit, and return on investment.
    • aMind’s rapid, agile development based upon prototype and proof-point approaches to build higher-quality products and deploy industry-leading implementations in less time. aMind continues to pioneer the use of these techniques both internally in development and out in the field at our customer sites.
  • Absolute Commitment to Customer Success
    • With an exceptional track record of customer success and service excellence, aMind has consistently achieved 100% customer satisfaction year after year.
  • Guaranteed Outcomes
    • aMind contractually guarantees the positive business outcome from an aMind implementation or optimization.
  • Powerful Partnerships
    • With strong ties throughout the CRM ecosystem, aMind partners with the leading CRM providers. These include Oracle Siebel, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Apttus.
Corporate Overview

Download our corporate fact sheet to learn about aMind Solutions.

aMind Quick Facts
  • aMind founded in 2005 by experts who designed and built the Siebel Order Management suite of products
  • aMind teams deployed around the world at customer sites with corporate offices in San Ramon, CA and Denver, CO
  • aMind’s impressive list of customers include many of the Global 1000 and the world’s leading telecommunication providers
  • Oracle Gold Partner - aMind is an Oracle Siebel Consulting and Software Partner
  • Oracle Advisory Board - aMind is an Order Management Customer Advisory Board Member
Customer Success

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