Why aMind Solutions?

aMind Solutions offers unparalleled expertise, leading-edge technology, and best-in-class methodologies designed to deliver an aMind-enabled CRM implementation that maximizes your overall return on investment, secures your competitive advantage, and increases your customer satisfaction.

Having successfully completed more than 70 engagements over the past decade, aMind has a proven track record of helping Global 1000 companies realize the full power and potential of their CRM implementation.

aMind Implements World-Class Industry CRM Solutions with:

  • Purpose-Built, Patent-Pending Technology. The aMind Web Framework was purposely-built to extend, streamline, and dramatically improve Oracle Siebel CRM applications. The aMind Web Framework, combined with aMind Professional Services delivers powerfully intuitive, high performance solutions for: quoting and ordering, process optimization, product configuration, enterprise product catalog, and e-commerce.
  • Best Practice Solution Accelerators. aMind Solution Accelerators are solution-specific, expert-driven patterns based on best practices acquired from vast experience in deploying aMind Web Framework-enabled Siebel CRM implementations. You gain benefits in cost, time to value, and consistency by using aMind Solutions patterns of expertise with the aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator, the aMind xPlay Accelerator, the aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator, and the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator.
  • Unique Methodology. aMind does not just generically apply standard waterfall or agile methods to development and implementation projects. Rather aMind Professional Services teams begin with specifying the business outcomes they are targeting to achieve and then apply the people, processes, and technology in an iterative development process that involves the client’s business and IT sponsors throughout the process to ensure the solution delivered is usable, maintainable, scalable and that it meets the pre-defined success criteria to deliver a real, measurable return on investment (ROI).
  • Unparalleled Expertise. aMind employs the best people. The aMind team is comprised of incredibly smart, innovative service professionals that are experts in implementing aMind and Siebel solutions. While each aMind service professional brings a minimum of 5 to 7 years of CRM development and implementation experience, the true value of aMind services professionals is their ability to deeply understand your unique business processes and leverage their first-hand experience with industry-leading CRM implementations to design and implement a customized solution that will successfully evolve your CRM experience across all your channels. aMind’s team of skilled experts leverage best practices and pull from extensive direct experience to ensure successful, cost-effective deployments of the most demanding aMind Web Framework-enabled Siebel CRM implementations on-time, on-budget, and with first-rate quality.

aMind Transforms CRM to Match Your Business Processes

The out-of-box Siebel functionality is not flexible enough to adapt to an individual company’s unique business processes. Even with extensive customization, standalone Siebel implementations may require unnecessary and disruptive alterations to a company’s business process to be effective; slowing down system and user performance.

You don’t need to alter your business process to fit your CRM application. With the aMind Web Framework, our professional service experts can transform any Siebel CRM application to fit your unique business process.

Benefit from aMind Solution’s Record of 100% Customer Success

CRM systems are incredible powerful, that’s why they are used by the world’s leading brands. CRM systems can also be incredibly complex, especially for configure, price, quote within Siebel or in the Cloud. Or when extending to new channels, or migrating to the Cloud.

If you are facing CRM challenges, you’ve come to the right place. We helped to build Siebel CRM, and we will help you achieve CRM success with Siebel, or any other CRM system. There is no challenge that is too big. In fact, aMind has successfully replaced systems integrators in failing projects in one-third of all its implementations.

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What Sets aMind Apart?
  • Intense Focus
  • Unmatched Expertise
  • Innovative, Leading Technologies
  • World-Class Best Practices
  • Absolute Commitment to Customer Success
  • Guaranteed Outcomes
  • Powerful Partnerships
Success Guaranteed

We will contractually guarantee your positive business outcomes as a result of our Siebel implementation or optimization.

Based on your company’s specific requirements, we can guarantee outcomes such as reduced task completion times and reduced average handling times.