aMind’s Mobile Platform Drives Door-to-Door Sales Transformation for Cablevision Monterrey

Robust offline sync, rapid deployment, flexibility, and easy in-house maintenance put the TethrOn mobile development platform head and shoulders above competitive solutions.

Selling cable services door-to-door is highly effective for Cablevision Monterrey. Customers appreciate in person explanations of different bundles matched to their unique viewing devices, content preferences, and budget.

However, the job of the door-to-door sales representative is no easy task. Frequently changing product bundles and promotions with complex options are difficult to present to customers. Cablevisions comprehensive product offerings require ongoing training, and their complexity creates confusion, reducing conversion rates. Complicating matters, many residential areas have spotty internet access making many mobile apps unreliable.

With sketchy internet access, sales representatives rely on paper to print their daily schedule, neighborhood addresses, and promotional bundles. Paper-based processes are  highly inefficient, reducing the number of visits that can be made in a day.

Cablevision Monterrey didn’t need convincing that mobilizing cumbersome paper process could greatly improve the performance of their door-to-door selling team. The challenge was finding an affordable solution that would launch in less than 60 days and deliver:

  • Robust offline support for door-to-door field workers.
  • A platform that becomes the standard for mobile application development.
  • Flexibility to scale with the company’s growth.
  • Simplicity for in-house development and maintenance.
  • Management performance data to track each individuals performance in real time.
  • Quick time to market.

Cablevision’s Director of I.T. José Quiñónez López reports, “Our requirement was to get a framework to accelerate mobile applications development. Our first project is a door-to-door selling application. We needed the project implemented in less than two months. TethrOn met this challenge.”

The aMind Solution

After an extensive review of mobile development platform alternatives, Cablevision selected TethrOn for high performance offline sync and support for exceptionally rapid app development.

TethrOn’s “no code” development approach means that comprehensive mobile applications can be built rapidly. The TethrOn enterprise mobility platform includes prebuilt backend connectors, data access code, synchronization of data and security. This frees developers to focus on defining business processes and creating a branded user interface.

Using the TethrOn development platform the IT group within Cablevision Monterrey built their first proof of concept app in less than 60 days.

The Result

The selection of the TethrOn mobile development platform has been a win-win-win for the company.

The IT department is thrilled at how simply and cost effective it was to get up to speed on the TethrOn platform and deliver the first version of their door-to-door selling app.

Sales people appreciate having digital territory information available at their fingertips and with the next release will be able to easily quote and order services while working directly with customers.

And managers are excited by the collection of data that supports tracking and adjusting sales performance in real-time.

TethrOn Benefits
  • Improved Performance
  • Strengthened Customer Focus
  • Increased Revenue
  • Ultimate Flexibility & Scalability
  • Reduced Costs & Time to Market