aMind Implements World-Class Order Capture Solution for Cbeyond

The aMind solution exposes new functionality and delivers measurable improvements in order configuration and order entry error rates for leading telecommunications provider.

The Challenge

With a focus on delivering high quality and reliable services, Cbeyond found its legacy infrastructure was not able to support its service excellence goals. The resulting business challenges Cbeyond faced burdened its sales and call center teams with a long list of issues – unnecessary manual operations, daily rekeying efforts, too many steps for order configuration, high order entry error rates, mismatched quoting and billing issues, low customer satisfaction – to name a few.

The aMind Solution

Analyzing the current infrastructure and focusing on Cbeyond’s sales and call center issues, aMind designed a purpose-built solution using the aMind Web Framework to expose new capabilities and system improvements for Cbeyond’s existing Oracle Siebel CRM deployment: Siebel 8.1 for Sales, Call Center, and Self-Service.

With Cbeyond’s preference for a collaborative deployment, aMind structured an efficient and affordable delivery project where:

  • aMind provided the solution, process, and architecture relying on proven industry best practices developed through other successful deployments.
  • aMind provided the technology (aMind Web Framework) and the implementation services (Siebel and the aMind Web Framework).
  • Cbeyond developed the user interface (UI) process details, layout details, and delivery; and provided the middleware.

Using the aMind Web Framework, the expert Siebel-domain knowledge aMind Professional Services team was able to optimize Cbeyond’s highly complex operational infrastructure, leveraging the company’s legacy investment in Siebel, extending it with the aMind Web Framework and a custom-developed UI to implement a world-class order capture solution.

The Result

As a result of the aMind solution, Cbeyond has realized immediate and significant results across its order capture process. High-level benefits, by process, include:

  • Sales (Quoting): Increased average revenue per employee by establishing market-based promotion tracking and increased customer satisfaction through enabling bill preview functionality and establishing clear promo coding.
  • Order Process: Increased sales efficiency; cutting significant time from the deal to order install process and ensured Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
  • Service Coordination: Improved service coordination efficiency; reducing steps to configure order from 150 to 50 and reducing order entry errors from 43% to 10%.
  • Billing: Improved customer satisfaction; reducing first-bill customer care calls related to promotions and discounts.

By implementing these improvements on time and within budget, aMind has enabled Cbeyond to achieve its operational objectives and exceed its service expectations. Cbeyond has also realized the positive impact that the aMind implementation has had on its sales and call center teams and its customers: providing simplified online ordering from quote to bill, creating a streamlined process assuring consistency and transparency across the entire experience, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: Telecommunications

Implementation: 6 months

Key Benefits

  • Large Improvements in Task Times
  • Real Return on Investment
  • Multi-Channel Leverage
  • Minimum Investment

Success Highlights

  • 66% Improvement
    in Order Configuration Steps
  • 75% Improvement
    in Order Entry Errors
  • 70% Improvement
    in System Response Times
  • 80% Improvement
    in First-Bill Customer Care Calls

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