aMind Eliminates Siebel Open UI Migration Risk for Charter Communications. Deploys on time and on budget.

Charter Communications is one of the largest cable companies in North America offering a full suite of communication services to residential and business customers. The company relies on Siebel to sell communication and converged services to other businesses through their field and telesales departments.

With Siebel deeply embedded within business processes, modifications to their core CRM is a serious undertaking. In spite of the risk, Charter had no choice but to upgrade to Siebel Open UI due to the lack of support for later versions of IE and absolutely no support for Firefox , Safari and Chrome with the Active X based HI UI.

While the upgrade was necessary, it also gave Charter an opportunity to lay the foundation for improving usability and providing employees with access to Siebel on mobile tablets.

The aMind Solution

Charter had previously engaged with aMind due to aMind’s reputation for delivering telecommunication solutions based on Siebel. Building on the success of the existing engagement, Charter entrusted aMind with the conversion of Siebel to Open UI.

aMind delivered on the Open UI project with a team of just three people. This small team added a powerful blend of Siebel and Java Script skills, along with proven project management and thought leadership.

While aMind brought experience and rigor to deliver within Charter’s timeframe and budget, Charter contributed the testing team. Doing quality assurance themselves allowed Charter to monitor the quality of aMind’s work, and to ensure that every part of the application was thoroughly tested in the new UI framework.

The core business process converted was order capture for new and existing customers. Siebel objects converted during the project included Account, Asset, Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order and Configurator. In addition, Charter had special custom configurator templates and custom user interface screens, as well as Charter-specific look and feel customizations that were ported/re-implemented in Open UI.

Charter’s appreciation for aMind’s unique blend of technology skills and project management grew as the project progressed. “We learned that Open UI requires more than just Siebel skills. An important part of Open UI work is done leveraging modern JavaScript UI frameworks. aMind has both Siebel and web development skills. Without aMind’s team it would have been a very painful project.”

The Result

The results were exceptional. Thanks to the rigorous methodology and very disciplined project execution, every phase of the upgrade was delivered on time and on budget. And the budget was 50% less than what Charter was quoted by other providers.

Charter reports, “Where aMind really shines is risk mitigation. They had a clear methodology and plan that was broken out into major activities and their sequence.”

As Charter quickly discovered, the highest risk on an Open UI project is finding bugs and implementing workarounds, or working with Oracle to get them fixed. “By finding bugs early and addressing them methodically, aMind got timely resolution in place without delaying our deployment,” concludes Charter.

Charter’s employees like being able to use Siebel on different browsers allowing them to work faster. And the company’s IT department is thrilled to be able to implement UI/UX improvements on the platform.

Charter Communications

Project Highlights

  • Products
    Siebel eCommunications HiUi to
    Siebel OpenUI
  • Deployed in 6 months
  • Delivered within budgets
  • Works with leading browsers

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