aMind Solutions Resurrects Oracle Siebel Multi-Channel
Self Care Solutions for DNA

The aMind Web Framework delivers significant Siebel performance and functional enhancements for DNA Wireless in the process.

The Challenge

DNA Ltd, a Finnish telecommunications company providing high-quality, state-of-the-art voice, data, and TV services to private customers and corporations, had recently invested in a new Oracle Siebel CRM system with eCustomer, eCommunications, and Partner Portal modules to support its wireless business. Unfortunately, DNA was facing significant issues that made the system virtually unusable.

The Siebel solution that was implemented for the web shop, sales, and partner channels was too slow, not intuitive, and cumbersome. The company was losing business as DNA was unable to process the 10,000 to 12,000 sales orders a day across its different channels. Adoption among internal users was low and DNA’s channel partners resisted using the system and started shifting sales to offerings from competing wireless vendors.

DNA needed to solve the problem so the CRM system could support DNA Wireless’ many user groups ? including 5,000 sales representatives, 500 customer care representatives, numerous retail stores, and potentially all of DNA’s 3,000,000 B2B and B2C customers.

The aMind Solution

DNA evaluated multiple options and vendors to address its performance and usability challenges with Siebel and decided the aMind Web Framework provided the best solution because it:

  • Leveraged the company’s investment in Siebel; by extending, not replacing, systems already in place.
  • Provided the fastest time to market solution for resolving DNA’s challenges.
  • Offered DNA complete process flexibility across its different channels.
  • Allowed a DNA-branded UI to assure a consistent user experience across all DNA’s customer interactions.
  • Fit within DNA’s overall technology stack that leveraged non-proprietary, standard Java and UI technologies for all its enterprise systems.

aMind started the project by optimizing Siebel’s performance, then designed and implemented a solution using the aMind Web Framework as a platform to deliver services on top of Siebel. The aMind Web Framework enabled Siebel to become a seamless integration point to connect with DNA’s integration layer similar to the systems serving DNA’s other businesses.

The project also leveraged the aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator to provide a framework and starting point (with analysis methodologies, proven techniques, design patterns, and industry best practices) for DNA to improve and extend Siebel functionality to multiple channels and streamline its self-care processes.

The solution aMind designed preserved DNA’s technology investment and ? by optimizing Siebel and leveraging the aMind Web Framework and aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator technologies ? aMind was able to deliver new order management services and increase Siebel’s functionality for DNA’s wireless business across its many channels.

The Result

aMind Solutions played a critical role in solving DNA Wireless’ overwhelming Siebel challenges by:

  • Improving Usability: With the aMind Web Framework as a service layer, DNA is now able to integrate data from Siebel seamlessly with other data sources to support the company’s goal of a unified self care experience. With this, aMind has enabled support of an enhanced and unified front end. Now DNA has a simple and intuitive UI that supports its brand extension goal across all of its assets and customer interactions despite the disparate systems which are used in the backend to affect changes.
  • Extending Siebel to Multiple Channels: The aMind solution enabled B2B and B2C self care channels for DNA Wireless. The aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator provided a framework that DNA can use to unify order capture for Wireless, TV, and Fixed assets across its many channels.Leveraging the aMind Web Framework, DNA was also able to solve many of the customer-facing usability problems while preserving its brand; resulting in an increase in user adoption, reduction in transaction times, increase in sales, and reduction in abandoned sessions.
  • Significantly Increasing Functionality: aMind’s design and implementation services enhanced Siebel’s order management functionality and enabled more services across DNA’s CRM user groups.
  • Improving Performance: The Siebel optimizations enabled by the aMind Web Framework reduced Configurator start times by as much as 50%, boosted the speed of the order management process by as much as 70%, and also reduced response times for large customer accounts. The project has also enabled DNA to gain significant progress towards achieving its aggressive service goal targets.
  • Leveraging Technology Investments: The aMind solution dramatically reduced the cost and risk of development and provided the fastest time-to-value option for DNA. The aMind Web Framework integrated seamlessly and easily with the Siebel infrastructure to leverage – and increase the value of – DNA’s IT investment and save the company from having to face an expensive and arduous Siebel replacement. The resulting solution also works well within DNA’s IT infrastructure providing a non-proprietary, standards- and Web 2.0-based technology that supplies DNA with a seamless, reliable, scalable, and easy to manage and maintain solution.

The aMind Implementation Services team consistently delivered services ahead of schedule and exceeded expectations, while maintaining very high quality outcomes. Based on the tremendous success of the aMind solution, DNA is planning additional projects with aMind in the future.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: Telecommunications

Implementation: 7 months

Products Supported: B2B and B2C Wireless Services

The Solution:

Key Benefits

  • Multi-Channel Leverage
  • Branding Extended
  • Large Improvements in Quoting & Ordering Task Completion Times
  • Enhanced Functionality & Added New Services
  • Rapid Time to Market Solution
  • Solution Aligns with IT Strategy

Success Highlights

  • Increase in Sales and Reduction in Turnover in Web Shop, Self Care, and POS Channels
  • Expected Improvement
    in B2B & B2C Service Adoption Rates
  • 70% Improvement
    in Time to Complete an Order
  • 50% Improvement
    in Configurator Start Times

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