aMind Builds Multi-Channel Order Capture for GVT

aMind provides Global Village Telecom with an aMind Web Framework-enabled Siebel 8.1.x multi-channel e-commerce solution.

The Challenge

Global Village Telecom (GVT) was struggling with its existing Siebel 5 implementation because of its extensive customizations and high cost of maintenance. Due to degrading performance, slow time to market, the need for new CRM features, and a requirement to extend support to web self service and channel partners; GVT chose to replace its outdated system with the latest version of Siebel.

At the same time, GVT wanted to provide its customers with the personalized products, services, and experiences they desired. GVT wanted to enable its customers to select the services they want (TV, Internet, telephone, etc.) and the service parameters they desire, and have the system recommend a personalized choice of services bundle(s) based on those selections with add-on promotions, discounts, and other related offers.

Additionally, and the main driving factor for the project, was the need to improve the time to market for GVT products and services. Along with this, GVT had a requirement to enable the order capture solution across its many channels: Sales / Business Center, Call Center / Customer Care, Dealer Channel, and E-Commerce.

The aMind Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of potential options, GVT concluded that the aMind Web Framework provided the only viable solution to enable both the process optimization (reduced call handle times) and multi-channel capability it needed.

aMind initiated the project by implementing Siebel 8.1x based on industry-leading best practices. The aMind Web Framework was deployed for order capture across all its channels; and was used to dramatically improve the sales and product configuration process and to deploy a common underlying product and pricing framework.

The aMind solution vastly improved GVT’s sales process, product selection and configuration process, task completion times, and the time to market for new customer offers.

The Result

With the aMind solution, overall order entry  for triple play bundles by GVT’s Sales / Business Center agents has been reduced to 6 minutes, 31 seconds; dealer order entry has been reduced to just 4 minutes, 43 seconds; and new offer introduction is now much faster and dramatically less expensive.

The aMind solution has provided a wide range of benefits for GVT:

  • Multi-Channel Benefits: Provided a real-time 360 degree view of the customer. Orders are now immediately visible to call center agents. Offers and promotions are now built once versus each time per channel which led to a reduction in cost and time to market – and in turn reduces the development and testing effort, as well as enterprise maintenance costs. GVT has also experienced a reduction in configuration and pricing errors with unified flow to the back office and an improvement in the management of its product release cycle.
  • Process Optimization Benefits: Enabled Siebel processes to be tailored to match the natural sales flow which has simplified order processing, reduced training time (and nearly eliminated the need for dealer training), provided reduction in the time and cost of sales, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced user adoption. GVT is pleased to learn its users are now excited to use the new application.
  • Technology Investment Benefits: Allowed GVT to maximize its Siebel investment in a way that no other solution provider could.

Based on the impressive results from this immensely successful implementation, GVT is planning to engage aMind for future projects across its entire enterprise.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: Telecommunications

Implementation: 15 Months

Preview: GVT E-Commerce

GVT E-Commerce Preview
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Success Highlights

  • 95% Improvement
    in Dealer Training
  • 90% Improvement
    in Offer Configuration Screens
  • 60% Improvement
    in Cost to Market for New Offers & Promotions
  • 50% Improvement
    in Offer Configuration Steps
  • 50% Improvement
    in Average System Response Times
  • 40% Improvement
    in Agent Training

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