aMind Seamlessly Integrates Oracle Siebel and Salesforce for Intuit

Powerful combination of the aMind Web Framework and the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator vastly improves Intuit’s Call Center Quoting & Ordering processes.

The Challenge

Intuit was looking to provide a great sales experience for its 3,500 Sales and Customer Care agents. In order to achieve this, Intuit needed to reduce significant pain points including: too many screens and steps to create a quote, having to work between multiple systems to complete an order, having to wait for the two systems to synchronize and overall system instability.

While a long time Siebel Call Center and CPQ customer, Intuit selected Salesforce as their new agent-facing CRM application. At the same time, Intuit recognizing that Siebel had many capabilities that Salesforce lacks, and that Siebel already contained Intuit’s core data and business logic, the decision became one of integration rather than replacement.

Intuit carefully evaluated multiple options including replacing Siebel with a SaaS CPQ application, or building in-house a custom CPQ application leveraging Siebel Open UI.  Ultimately Intuit selected the aMind Web Framework and aMind Enterprise API Accelerator.

The aMind Solution

The aMind solution provided several unique capabilities that were key to the successful deployment of the Intuit project:

  • Siebel-Salesforce Process Integration: Integration of the CPQ application and UI into Salesforce brought Siebel functionality to Intuit agents. Quote and Order capabilities are now linked to Salesforce Opportunities. Account, Opportunity, User, and Authentication data and context seamlessly expose Siebel CPQ within the Salesforce UI.
  • Data Synchronization: Real-time synchronization means Quotes can now be entered without waiting for account information to be available in Siebel.
  • Customization and Agility: The ability to customize the solution and ease of tailoring the user process to be radically different from the Siebel UI’s sequence of steps.
  • Performance & Caching: Cached default configuration instance of the products and pricing in memory. Enabled running of multiple Configurator sessions in parallel to accelerate application of promotions across Quote line items.
  • Email Quote & Tracking: Quote submission and email correspondence integrated within Salesforce.

The Result

The aMind Framework provides a single, elegant solution for Intuit’s Call Center agents, providing a “Better Way” for processing orders, eliminating Intuit’s pain points, and providing a higher performance solution. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Optimized User Experience
    The number of screens and steps required to capture an order are significantly reduced: from ~18 screens to just 2 and from ~67 user actions to ~27.
  • Automated Background Activities
    Quotes are automatically created in the background saving agent time by avoiding unnecessary screens and clicks.
  • Reduction in Agent Training Time
    Unnecessary screens and steps eliminated to make the system much easier to use and significantly reduce agent training.
  • Improved System Performance
    Default products and pricing are cached in memory eliminating configurator sessions and improving performance.  Multiple parallel Configurator sessions reduce the time required to apply promotions to existing and new line items.  Long running operations are performed in the background so the agent does not need to wait.

Intuit has been extremely impressed by both the aMind Web Framework and aMind Enterprise API Accelerator. Without changing the backend systems, or the core business processes, the aMind solution was able to deliver an experience which enables Intuit sales agents to complete tasks more efficiently and focus on the customer instead of the CRM tool.

The success of Intuit’s Enterprise Business Platform project has indeed provided a great sales experience for its 3,500 Sales and Customer Care agents..

“aMind Solutions’ deep understanding of Siebel internals including complex modules for CPQ provided our enterprise with a stable, high performance solution that greatly improved our sales agent experience.”

Experience the Difference

To find out how we can help your company leverage your Siebel implementation to increase sales productivity, improve customer satisfaction, speed time-to-market, and reduce costs with a turn-key multi-channel order entry solution, contact us today.

Intuit Success Profile

Industry: High Tech Software

Implementation: 6 Months

Preview: Intuit
Siebel-Salesforce Interoperation

Intuit Preview
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Success Highlights

  • 89% Reduction
    in Order Capture Screens
  • 60% Reduction
    in Order Capture Steps
  • 50% Improvement
    in Task Handling Time
  • Reduction
    in Agent Training Time

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