aMind Successfully Implements Oracle Siebel CRM for Level 3 Communications

aMind Solutions’ end-to-end Siebel implementation completes critical early phases of Level 3’s business transformation project.

The Challenge

Level 3 Communications, one of only six Tier 1 Internet Services Providers in the world, set out to implement fully integrated end-to-end business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS). Having successfully acquired multiple companies over the span of a few years, Level 3 was planning to integrate the company’s existing offerings, plus those of ten recently acquired companies, into a single, integrated offering. The BSS and OSS implementation would allow Level 3 to consolidate multiple acquired companies’ products and IT systems, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

To accomplish this, Level 3 Communications selected Oracle Siebel CRM as the customer relationship management solution, and began to look for the right service provider to manage the highly complex consolidation and implementation project. /p>

The aMind Solution

Level 3 selected aMind Solutions to perform the Siebel implementation because aMind offered unparalleled Siebel expertise, best-in-class methodologies for developing Oracle Siebel CRM solutions, and telecommunications industry-specific experience.

The massive consolidation effort included multiple legacy sales configuration (16), billing (11), and provisioning (12) systems to support flow-through order processing. aMind addressed the challenge by devising a multi-phase business transformation project plan that was delivered in three major phases:

  • Single-Source Quoting: Begin consolidation of products and reduce sales and sales engineering costs.
  • Unity: Expand to order entry and complete the BSS and OSS transformation.
  • Asset Migration: Complete consolidation and clean up active services from all the source companies.

The aMind-implemented solution was designed to address all of Level 3’s success criteria, including:

  • Consolidating multiple order entry, billing, and provisioning systems to support flow-through processing based on commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) packages.
  • Rationalizing existing customer services into the new system.
  • Enabling products, features, and options to support the diversity of Level 3 Communications’ four business units.
  • Streamlining the 80% of orders that could be standardized, while still enabling the 20% that cannot be standardized.
  • Putting quoting within the hands of the sales representatives.
  • Delivering market-based pricing strategies, permitting competition between backbone and local alternatives, as appropriate.
  • Establishing flexible pricing to support different product lines and business units.

The Result

aMind successfully implemented an end-to-end quoting and asset-based ordering system for Level 3 Communications. To achieve this, aMind consolidated multiple systems into a single, integrated Oracle Siebel CRM offering which decreased Level 3’s administrative burden and provided better management of IT cost and risk while lowering the long term cost-of-ownership. The project resulted in significant measurable business benefits and for Level 3, including:

  • A Fully Integrated System: aMind implemented all the products in a framework model within Siebel, merging overlapping products from the acquired companies into one simplified offering and establishing a set of three product “frameworks” for rapidly rolling out additional market offerings. In addition, aMind added additional complex products into the framework and created standard definitions for products established. The consolidation reduced configuration systems from five to one with a balanced solution where most of the volume is simple services for small customers and most of the revenue is complex offerings for large customers.
  • Streamlined Processes: aMind established a two-phase (sales and order entry) product configuration process and instituted formal guidelines, controls, and an automated process for selling non-standard products to large customers. It is now only necessary to capture price-impacting details to produce a sales quotation. As part of the project, aMind delivered subscription-based pricing which gives the different business units more control and maximum flexibility. With seamless integration to workflow and billing, the relationships between products can now be easily maintained.
  • Improved Performance: The aMind implementation dramatically reduced the time, cost, and staff required to produce sales quotations. The new system put quoting in the hands of the sales reps, reducing the time needed to present a quote and reducing sales engineering involvement to only the most complex and custom solutions. This reduced new customer quoting time from five days to one hour and reduced both ordering time and cost. Utilizing the “product framework” pattern decreased time and cost to market for new products by 85% ? reducing the time required for new product introductions from an average of four months to an average of two weeks. Additional performance improvements reduced order entry and product configuration errors, as well as provided for faster integration of acquired companies in future.

Upon completion of the successful end-to-end transformation, aMind Solutions was selected to further optimize and extend Oracle Siebel using the aMind Web Framework to streamline the ordering process and provide enterprise product configurations for Level 3’s leading products.

Experience the Difference

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Level 3

Industry: Telecommunications

Implementation: 24 months

The Solution:

Key Benefits

  • Large Improvements in Task Times
  • Significant Reduction in Operational Costs
  • End-to-End Order Processing
  • Delivered for a Consolidated Product Offering
  • Streamlined New Product Introduction Process

Success Highlights

  • 85% Improvement in Cost and Time to Market for New Product Introductions
  • Reduced Quoting Time
    from 5 Days to 1 Hour for New Customers
  • Reduced Error Rates
    in Product Configuration and Order Entry
  • Better Management of IT Cost & Risk
  • Lowered Long Term Cost of Ownership
  • Faster Integration Process for Future Acquisitions

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