aMind Solutions Enables Lexmark’s Global Service Portal

Lexmark leverages the aMind Web Framework to deliver an exceptional online service experience for customers and partners.

The Challenge

Lexmark’s Global Services organization planned to invest in creating excellent service experiences for its customers and partners around the world. With the ultimate goal of improving user satisfaction and establishing a differentiated online service experience for the entire Lexmark community, the Global Service Portal project was developed. With this project, the company would be able to reduce its agent-handled volume and gain the added benefits of reducing service costs, optimizing customer experience, and enhancing customer lifetime value.

Lexmark’s challenge was to find the best solution to integrate the company’s existing, largely customized Siebel implementation that supports 1.3 million customers, 6 thousand partners and has more than 6 million contacts, 39 million assets, and over 8 million service requests to a new web platform to create a world-class Global Service Portal.

The aMind Solution

aMind addressed the challenge by recommending a solution based on the aMind Web Framework to integrate Lexmark’s existing web portal and underlying Oracle Siebel infrastructure to a single, web-based front-end for Lexmark’s many service communities. The aMind solution provided:

  • Ease of Development: An easy to use set of APIs for web development.
  • Robust Platform: Support for all critical APIs from Siebel out-of-the-box.
  • Performance: Robust cache management built-in to optimize performance.
  • Ease of Integration: Architecture that operates in an enterprise service oriented architecture (SOA) environment.

The resulting self-service solution provides customers, partners, vendors, and employees with online access to their information and transactions and includes many key features, such as:

  • Integrated contract options
  • New contract offerings (e.g. schedule a call back)
  • Consistent ability to check service request status
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reporting capability
  • Integrated partner information
  • Improved partner search capabilities
  • Simple and concise claims processes

With the Global Service Portal, information is made immediately available and communication flows efficiently while vital customer service metrics are tracked and managed to ease escalation. The Global Service Portal also delivers a highly personalized experience considering the user’s job role, security settings, and personal settings and provides an improved, consistent user experience that matches Lexmark’s other external facing applications.

The Result

The Global Service Portal provides Lexmark’s service users an easy, flexible, intuitive, and personalized online experience – delivering a significant, positive impact for the company while increasing user satisfaction and reducing service-related operating costs.

  • Improved Lexmark’s Customer and Partner Experience: Lexmark’s Global Service Portal is a very easy-to-use, self-service tool that provides immediate access to the information customers need when they need it. It provides a tremendous improvement for partners; Lexmark partners can now access critical data and information online, saving them the time and hassle of having to call Lexmark to track down the information they are looking for. It also allows submission of day-to-day transactions in an easy, concise manner.
  • Reduced Costs for Lexmark Services: The improvements provided in Lexmark’s Global Service Portal continue to drive customers and partners to online service and support. Lexmark’s call center volume has been reduced across both communities, proving that the service portal has helped to provide users with consistent, instant, and anytime support improving user satisfaction and reducing issues, while significantly reducing service-related costs.
  • Achieved Performance Gains and Process Improvements: The aMind solution was able to exceed Lexmark’s performance goals and provide performance advantages that were not achievable with any other solution. Lexmark is now able to identify end-to-end process improvements and utilize previously obtained information about customers and partners to provide a better online support experience. Additionally, the new solution both simplifies and reduces development time.

Overall, the Global Service Portal project was a great success for Lexmark. The company now has a high performance, flexible, online global service solution that was brought to market quickly and has produced notable increases in customer and partner satisfaction. The Lexmark Global Service Portal has proven its value and provided Lexmark with impressive results that exceeded the company’s original project targets.

Lexmark has been extremely impressed by both the aMind Web Framework technology and the aMind Solutions team of professional service experts. Based on the success of the project, Lexmark is considering future projects with aMind.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: High Tech Manufacturing

Implementation: 4 months

Key Benefits

  • Multi-Channel Leverage
  • Minimum Investment
  • All Siebel 7.8+

Success Highlights

  • Improvement
    in Customer and Partner Satisfaction
  • 60% Reduction
    in Agent-Handled Call Volume by Reducing Calls to Call Center
  • 40% Reduction
    in Support Costs by Providing Self Service Capabilities

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