aMind Provides Configurator Performance Improvements for NetApp

NetApp sees dramatically improved SFA and PRM quoting performance and usability with the aMind Web Framework.

The Challenge

For years NetApp had successfully relied on its Siebel 7.5.3 implementation to provide the company’s sales force automation (SFA) and partner relationship management (PRM) channels with complex product configuration, quoting, and price negotiation and approval functionality. While satisfied with the system in general, NetApp was looking to considerably improve performance and address usability and adoption issues specifically related to the eConfigurator module where lengthy launch times and slow click-to-click times were hampering users and discouraging adoption of the tool.

The aMind Solution

aMind designed a solution where the aMind Web Framework would run within Siebel for NetApp’s internal SFA and external PRM users. To solve the eConfigurator performance problems, aMind enabled NetApp’s complex products to be handled as many atomic components and embedded the aMind Web Framework UI within the Siebel UI for product configurations (allowing all remaining functions to run through the Siebel UI). The aMind solution retained the data in Siebel and maintained a consistent UI experience for its users, while providing the following new and/or enhanced features:

  • Collaboration Engine: Improved configurator performance and maintainability by allowing NetApp’s products to be modeled and run as atomic reusable components rather than a single “big model”.
  • Data Driven UI: Allowed for many UI modifications to be made by product administrators, not just developers. Real-time changes were made available to the business to meet change requests.
  • Catalog Search: Provided quick search capabilities that queried for product name, part number, and key search words. Catalog search also removed the need for wildcard character searchers or structured searches.
  • Encryption/Decryption: Provided another layer of security that met NetApp’s stringent security requirements.

The Result

aMind Solutions was able to preserve NetApp’s Siebel investment and provide the performance improvements the company was looking for. Maintaining a consistent UI experience meant the improvements occurred seamlessly to NetApp’s SFA and PRM users and did not require extensive retraining efforts.

aMind also dramatically improved NetApp’s Siebel eConfigurator quoting performance and usability using the aMind Web Framework. With the aMind Web Framework, NetApp has seen measured improvements in configurator performance including:

  • 80% Improvement in Configurator Launch Time
    With the aMind Web Framework, configurator launch time was reduced from 28.54 seconds to 5.57 seconds.
  • 73% Improvement in Configurator Click-to-Click Time
    With the aMind Web Framework, configurator click-to-click time was reduced from 6.22 seconds to 1.69 seconds.
  • 59% Improvement in “Done” Button Save Time
    With the aMind Web Framework, “Done” button save time was reduced from 20.68 seconds to 8.51 seconds.

While the project implementation was completed within six months, NetApp was so impressed with the results delivered by aMind Solutions that the company requested the aMind Professional Services team remain onsite to provide instructions and teaching on Siebel and to serve in an ongoing support role.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: High Technology

Implementation: 6 months

Key Benefits

  • Large Improvements in Task Times
  • Real Return on Investment
  • Mature, Capable, and Scalable Solution
  • Multi-Channel Leverage
  • Minimum Investment

Success Highlights

  • 80% Improvement
    in Configurator Launch Time
  • 73% Improvement
    in Configurator Click-to-Click Time
  • 59% Improvement
    in “Done” Button Save Time

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