aMind Delivers Order Management for Stryker

aMind Web Framework successfully solves significant configurator, performance, and usability problems for Stryker Communications and Stryker Endoscopy.

The Challenge

Stryker Communications was looking for a solution to solve a problem it was experiencing with the rollout of its new order management solution. The division had a nearly complete, working solution except for the product configuration function. What was developed as part of the new system was not functioning as Stryker Communications needed; the system could not perform the volume of configurations required, execute necessary ad hoc calculations, or perform other essential functions.

Stryker needed to find a solution to these challenges as soon as possible or face the overwhelming prospect of having to cancel the project and/or replace the entire order management solution.

The aMind Solution

Stryker Communications knew aMind Solutions had both the technology (with the aMind Web Framework) and the expertise (with its numerous successful customer deployments and proven Siebel-domain knowledge) to solve its configurator problem.

aMind began the project with a paid proof of concept and produced a functioning demonstration of the aMind Web Framework. Impressed with the displayed functionality, Stryker Communications decided to expand the project and Stryker’s Endoscopy division pulled in aMind to resolve its Siebel adoption issues and produce a more intuitive experience for its users.

Now with an expanded scope across Stryker’s’ Communications and Endoscopy divisions, aMind set out to re-skin the entire order management application for the two divisions with the aMind Web Framework. aMind worked with Stryker Communications, Stryker Endoscopy, and the development teams to create two separate aMind Web Framework applications that would be designed and delivered in parallel. aMind moved the configurator to Java with the aMind Web Framework and used Siebel as the data store, integrating it into other applications both upstream and downstream to address Stryker’s primary challenges of system performance, usability, and product configuration.

The Result

The aMind solution, now live in both Stryker’s Communications and Endoscopy divisions, successfully addressed the company’s challenges:

  • System Performance and Usability: The aMind solution dramatically reduced the time required to generate a sales proposal, reduced system response times, eliminated lengthy user wait times, made the UI more intuitive to the sales users, reduced screens and clicks significantly, enabled the application to run on laptops and tablets (including iPads), and reduced overall task times.
  • Product Configuration: The aMind solution improved the performance and maintainability of the complex product configuration solution, reduced response times, simplified product maintenance, and reduced the complexity of configuration of Stryker’s’ solutions for advanced surgical operating theaters comprising thousands of parts.

In addition, the aMind solution solved other problems the company was experiencing during the Siebel rollout and provided a highly efficient tool that helps Stryker’s sales teams by providing additional significant performance improvements, a 360 degree view of customer’s pricing and quotes, and a structure to accommodate international requirements.

Stryker is elated with the success of aMind Solutions’ applications across its Communications and Endoscopy divisions. The aMind team will continue to work with Stryker in both divisions to enable ongoing enhancements as business requirements evolve. Stryker is also considering additional new projects with aMind to extend mobility and to create a new quoting solution for yet another division.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: High Tech Manufacturing

Implementation: 10 Months

Preview: Stryker SFA

Stryker SFA Preview
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Success Highlights

  • 98% Improvement
    in Pricing Generation
  • 90% Improvement
    in Report Generation
  • 80% Improvement
    in Quote Generation
  • 80% Improvement
    in System Response Times
  • 70% Improvement
    in Application Support Costs
  • 25%-40% Improvement
    in New Product Introduction

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