aMind and Swisscom Deploy Multi-Channel Order Entry

Swisscom implements robust solution using the aMind Web Framework to establish web-based order entry across multiple channels.

The Challenge

Swisscom set out to establish a multi-channel ordering application for its “New-Stack for Fiber” transformational IT program. Starting with its web channel to provide a critical enabler to reach its strategic goals of providing superior customer service, reducing operational costs, and increasing sales through widespread adoption of the new fiber-based and copper-based products. The specific challenges Swisscom planned to address were centered on its customers: to increase user performance and to improve the user experience on its Self-care and Swisscom Shop e-commerce websites.

Swisscom considered and evaluated all available technologies. After a thorough evaluation including extensive prototyping and performance testing, aMind Solutions and the aMind Web Framework was selected.

The aMind Solution

The aMind solution provided several unique capabilities that were key to the successful deployment of the Swisscom project:

  • Performance: The ability to produce major improvements in user-perceived performance, especially for bundled product offers.
  • Ease of Integration: All Siebel data and rules engines are used in real time, avoiding errors possible in nightly batch integrations.
  • Customization and Agility: The ability to customize the solution and ease of tailoring the user process to be radically different from the Siebel UI’s sequence of steps.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: The ability to support advanced order types (“adoption” from copper to fiber lines and bundles) and the ability to integrate into the desired technology stack.
  • Affordability and Time to Market: The cost of the technology and the speed in delivery of the project.

The resulting solution, in Swisscom’s words, is “Fast – designed for customer-perceived performance; Cool – allowing fully customized user experience and customer attractive design; and Flexible – enabling business agility.”

The Result

Swisscom now has a very robust e-commerce application that provides a personalized web experience based upon its users needs and performs real-time, multi-channel transactions along a fully connected front to back end. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Optimized User Experience
    The system was designed for customer-perceived performance and ease of use from the customer’s perspective by letting the user make decisions in the sequence that makes the most sense to them.
  • Completely Customizable User Interface
    The new user interface (UI) put the “cool” into Swisscom’s web application.
  • Improved Performance Optimization
    Vastly improved performance achieved through parallel running Siebel Product Configurators (VoIP, Internet, TV, etc.) and asynchronously pre-loading: pricing, eligibility check, bundle discounts, and self installation equipment options.

Swisscom’s objectives to be a customer service champion and to handle a high-percentage of customer transactions in its web channel have been met, and now Swisscom excels at extending online and self-care capabilities to its users which increases sales and reduces operating costs.

Having achieved measurable success with the new application using aMind Web Framework in its Self-care and Swisscom Shop e-commerce websites, Swisscom has extended the solution into additional channels including its call center channel and its 110 corporate retail stores (running on Apple iPad mobile digital devices), with tailored processes that are both channel and application specific.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: Telecommunications

Implementation: 11 Months

Preview: Swisscom

Swisscom E-Commerce Preview
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Success Highlights

  • 85% Improvement
    in Order Placement Actions
  • 80% Improvement
    in Order Placement Times
  • 50% Improvement
    in System Response Times

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