aMind Delivers One Page Quote for TDS’ Call Center
Using Siebel Open UI.


TDS Telecom is an American telecommunications company with headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. TDS offers telephone, broadband Internet and television services to customers across the United States. To support their residential customers, TDS relies on Siebel Systems software as the backbone of their call center.

TDS migrated to Open UI to gain browser flexibility, provide a foundation for mobility and to make some key UI improvements. TDS’ internal IT team was able to manage all aspects of the migration, except for one small, yet critical, requirement.

The company wanted to improve a convoluted quoting process in their call center. To prepare a customer quote, a call center agent had to navigate a multi-step process through multiple screens. This was especially frustrating for callers as they impatiently waited to learn about different service options and their impact on the bundle price.

To improve the call center UI quoting experience, TDS set a One Page Quote initiative. The mission was to make all the information for configuring a service bundle available from a single page.

The aMind Solution

While seeming simple, TDS’ One Page Quote initiative was actually a complex customization of Siebel Configurator UI. Lacking the internal skills to streamline the quote to cash configuration, TDS searched for a Siebel implementation partner.

The company’s One Page Quote request was met with a series of rejections: “Not possible in Siebel Open UI.”, “Won’t work.”, “Not feasible.” As the rejections piled up, TDS was close to giving up on their vision. Then, a call to aMind’s Siebel experts returned the magic words, “No problem.”

“Everyone else told us One Page Quote was not feasible. aMind not only delivered it, they delivered the feature within two weeks with no negative impact to the project timeline.”



TDS learned during their search for a competent Siebel partner that Open UI customization requires more than just Siebel skills. An important part of Open UI work is done by leveraging modern JavaScript UI frameworks. With the right skills and team Open UI can deliver great value. Without the right team it becomes a very painful project.

aMind’s edge comes from combining JavaScript UI know-how with an unmatched knowledge of Siebel Open UI. aMind was founded by the team that built the original configure, price, quote (CPQ) functionality within Siebel. This deep knowledge of Siebel CPQ enables aMind to solve the most complex Siebel implementation challenges faster than any other Siebel expert in the world.

The Result

All it took for aMind to redesign Siebel for a one page quote process in the TDS call center was one Siebel expert and two weeks. TDS’ One Page Quote initiative is mentioned by business users as the single most important improvement delivered on Siebel since the day it was deployed. Business adoption has gone way up, and for the first time the IT department has received approval to expand the Siebel footprint.

The impact on productivity was significant. Call center representatives task completion time has improved by more than 60%.

“That’s what having the right team will do” TDS concludes. “You never really know where the challenges of Open UI are. We were very impressed with the speed and the quality of aMind’s work.”

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Project Highlights

  • Products
    Siebel Version: SIA
    to Open UI Version: IP14
  • Customization: One page quoting
  • Channel: Call Center
  • Delivered in two weeks

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