aMind Solutions Enables “Mobile First” iPad Application for World’s Second Largest Telecommunications Company

aMind’s Mobile infrastructure and APIs enable innovative mobile app for sales and partners improves efficiency and showcases mobile capabilities.

The Challenge

The world’s second largest telecommunications company had an enterprise-wide mobility initiative to mobilize its B2B direct and indirect sales forces.

While sales teams were equipped with Apple iPads, their Oracle Siebel 8.1 SFA system was heavily customized, and the desktop UI was not adequate to support selling in the field. Customer data and processes spanned more than 29 systems and required users to log into each system separately to look up information and complete the sales process.

The company carefully evaluated multiple options including SaaS/Cloud offerings, Oracle Open UI, or building a mobile app from the ground up in-house before selecting aMind Solutions.

The aMind Solution

aMind integrated multiple disparate systems, including Siebel CRM system and its 20 million records and related processes, company and business contacts, IBM Connections social collaboration platform, and 26 additional disparate systems for trouble tickets, billing, orders, contracts, revenue, data warehouse and customer intelligence. The aMind architecture then exposed these systems through a set of API’s to a single mobile SFA app developed by the company.  In addition, numerous new features and capabilities were added by in-house developers, leveraging the aMind APIs, to improve the mobile sales user process:

  • Sleek, Intuitive User Interface: UI optimized specifically for the device that includes tabs for Home, Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, People, Communities, and Search. UI offers recently viewed (accessed) records, Dashboards, Lead and Opportunity drill-downs, and advanced search capabilities.
  • Collaboration & Socialization: Enterprise social collaboration (IBM Connections) was integrated into the sales process allowing users to post social updates within the app. Crowd-sourced data ( enabled new contact discovery.  Additional features include: social profile management, social communities, search feeds, etc.
  • Financial, Business Intelligence & Reporting: Analytics stored locally to enable real-time financial, revenue, and drill-down analytics. Preferences also stored locally to enable Dashboard personalization and customization.
  • Electronic Signature Capture: Electronic document signing enabled on the iPad to allow customers to sign contracts on the spot.
  • GPS Mapping: Location-based account proximity mapping integrated with multiple data sources.

“The aMind solution fulfilled our ‘Mobile First’ strategy, providing the latest in mobile tools and an application that improves sales and partner efficiency, and showcases capabilities to our customers.”

The Result

aMind Solutions developed the infrastructure and APIs delivering significant businesses benefits for the company and its sales and partner teams. Some of the key results include:

  • Improvement in Sales Effectiveness
    Multiple systems seamlessly integrated into a single mobile API, allowing the entire sales process to be easily and efficiently managed on the mobile device.
  • Centralized Information Reduced Cycle TImes
    New and enhanced features – dashboards, social integration, location-based mapping, electronic signature capture, trouble ticket integration, drill down, search, and more ? further streamline the process, increase sales effectiveness and together worked to reduce sales cycle times.
  • Improved Close Rates
    Through a single, holistic account dashboard that provides users with a 360-degree view of key account information (contacts, opportunities, solutions, orders, trouble tickets, etc.). Sales and partners are able to more effectively and efficiently manage existing accounts and close business more quickly.
  • Improvement in System Performance
    The mobile application runs faster than native Oracle Siebel. Long running operations are performed in the background so the user does not need to wait for them.
  • Reduction in Training TIme
    The UI is designed to intuitively guide sales and partners through the sales process, virtually eliminating training.
  • Showcases Telecommunication Capabilities to its Customers
    Providing an intuitive, highly efficient app on the latest mobile devices enables sales and partners to improve efficiency and showcase the company’s leading capabilities to its customers.

aMind Solutions’ technology, coupled with aMind’s expert professional services, enabled the rapid development of highly efficient mobile friendly APIs against Siebel and other systems, enabling the company’s 32,500 sales and partner users to easily and effectively access data from Oracle Siebel CRM and other enterprise applications via their iPads.

Based on the success of the application, the company is actively expanding the solution across the entire enterprise, leveraging the aMind solution as the mobile platform to achieve enterprise-wide “Mobile First” success.

Experience the Difference

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