aMind Delivers Offline Mobility to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Field Sales Team

Native iPad SFA and quoting application improves sales performance.

The Challenge

Thermo Fisher’s sales representatives meet customers in the field and require mobile access to work anywhere, anytime, including remote locations where network access is unavailable.

Like most field sales teams, the sales representatives at this leading life sciences company wanted a single mobile app that allowed them to easily access all their information and perform all their tasks on their iPad while in front of their customers.

While they had a mobile selling application, synchronization that took hours caused lost productivity and user frustration. Data divergence was frequent and entire app refreshes were required.  Additionally the app could not handle quoting, a key function for selling in the field.

As business needs changed, Thermo Fisher Scientific developed a detailed list of requirements for a new mobile SFA app, including:

  • Standardization on a single global platform for a variety of mobile applications.
  • Support for “offine” and “online” applications.
  • Native Apple iPad application.
  • Ability to scale with the company’s growth.
  • Support future technology.
  • Quick time to market.

The aMind Solution

After a comprehensive platform and custom solution evaluation, Thermo Fisher selected TethrOn, aMind’s mobile development platform.

“We looked at a competitive market for SFE mobility solutions,” recalls Josh Clarke, Director IT, CRM & Marketing Systems for Thermo Fisher. “TethrOn had the right set of capabilities for our needs, the right amount of flexibility in implementation and was able to deliver a platform that we can scale with.”

The TethrOn-powered app provides SFA, quoting, discount approvals and territory data segmentation for 1,200 global sales reps, even when they are not connected to the internet. Data from different systems is integrated in one app for complete customer lifecycle management.

Thrilled with the performance of their first app built using TethrOn, Thermo Fisher quickly deployed a second native Android ordering application for Korea. This app is localized in Korean and English.

The Result

TethrOn delivered a number of critical benefits including dramatically reducing sync times to a few seconds, while supporting >1,000,000 offline records on the reps iPads.

Hundreds of simultaneous sync sessions can now occur and initial sync for a new rep occurs in minutes vs. hours.  Sales representatives are now able to work completely offline, including preparing pricing and quoting at the point of sale. Today the sales team is highly productive in the field, regardless of network availability.

Industry: Life Sciences

Channels: US & Korea Sales

Devices: Apple iPad, Android Tablet

Languages: English, Korean

Deployment: <4 months

Success Highlights

  • Improved sales effectiveness
  • Shortened quote to order timeline
  • Better system performance
  • Accelerated time to market with reduced project risk

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