aMind Implements a Multi-Channel Enterprise Product Catalog for Time Warner Cable

The aMind Enterprise API Accelerator, powered by the aMind Web Framework, provides Time Warner Cable with a single enterprise product catalog ? adding significant value across the companyís newly implemented CRM system.

The Challenge

Time Warner Cable, the second-largest cable operator in the United States, was struggling with a proliferation of disperse product catalogs that served the company’s different ordering channels and supported a multitude of channel-specific offers and promotions. This had led to the duplication of product and offer information across multiple systems and resulted in redundant administration and disconnects in product and offer information.

The legacy systems also lacked the ability to support the company’s multiple user communities: retail partners, resellers, joint venture partners, and employees. As an example, the systems could not support the Go2Broadband? cable industry-wide standard (published by Cable Labs) that allows cable companies to present offers to their retail partners, nor was it able to support Time Warner Cable’s important partnership with Verizon Wireless which allowed the company to offer customers bundled service packages including TV, internet, home phone, and wireless service.

Time Warner Cable was seeking a multi-step consolidation of itís disperse catalogs into a single enterprise-wide CRM system that could centrally serve the cable giant’s numerous channels and diverse user communities.

The aMind Solution

In order to accomplish these goals, Time Warner Cable selected Oracle Siebel CRM as the base system which would also serve as the backend enterprise catalog. The company selected the aMind API Accelerator, powered by the aMind Web Framework, to provide the product and offer catalog as well as create the service APIs and applications needed to provide multi-channel support for Time Warner Cable’s internal and external channel applications.

aMind’s enterprise product and offer catalog implementation in Siebel along with the enterprise APIs ? implemented with the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator leveraging the aMind Web Framework as an interface into Siebel’s product catalog ? provides a common interface on the front end to consuming applications and provides an enterprise offer catalog in Siebel for centralized and non-duplicated maintenance. Now the company’s offers no longer need to be duplicated across affiliates or systems.

The new catalog solution runs the Go2Broadband interface and ? by leveraging the solution provided by aMind ? Time Warner Cable was able to supply Verizon a set of APIs to facilitate their partnership. The APIs walk through the order process by interfacing directly with the catalog solution and providing available offers. The user is able to select and configure an offer and create an order. The new system now allows Verizon employees to easily enter and configure orders for the bundled service packages against Time Warner Cableís systems from Verizon applications.

The Result

The aMind solution has now been rolled out to 47 Time Warner Cable divisions across 8 regions throughout the country and successfully provides a multi-channel enterprise product catalog for the company’s new Oracle Siebel implementation.

The resulting solution reduced Time Warner Cable’s total cost of ownership, assured contractual compliance related to the Go2Broadband initiative and the Verizon partnership, and integrates seamlessly with Time Warner Cable’s SOA suite (due to aMind’s standards-based architecture). In addition, the aMind solution has added significant value across the system:

  • Consolidation of offers streamlines operations. The new enterprise product catalog allows for different offer code mappings for various affiliates eliminating the main cause for offer duplication. As opposed to offer duplication, the aMind solution allows for unique offer codes for each affiliate against the same offer and is handled by multiple mappings in the catalog.
  • View of offers across channels results in more effective offer management aligned with sales strategies. Offers are now being sourced from same system of record as those for telesales. Time Warner Cable now has a single view of how the company is selling the same product across different channels.
  • Sales automation reduces operational costs and provides a better overall customer experience. The new system effectively automated a number of previously manual processes (e.g. sales to billing and fulfillment). Sourcing offers from the catalog establishes a link to the components of that offer including its decomposed service elements required to automate orders in the future.
  • Target offers drives revenue through increased offer up take. The new enterprise product catalog includes eligibility functionality that provides better distinctions between offers for new and existing customers. Further eligibility based on the customer’s service image can be adopted and reused from existing logic across other channels. Now Time Warner Cable will be able to leverage interactions in the future to further identify targeted offers to specific market segments.

Based on the success of the project, Time Warner Cable is extending the solution to its web-based channels, allowing customers to both purchase new services and upgrade existing services easily from the web.

Experience the Difference

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Industry: Telecommunications

Implementation: 12 months

Products Supported:†Video, Internet, Digital Phone, and Bundles (Double Play and Triple Play)

The Solution:

Key Benefits

  • Large Improvements in Task Times
  • Real Return on Investment
  • A Mature, Capable, and Scalable Solution
  • Multi-Channel Leverage
  • Minimum Investment

Success Highlights

  • Increased Revenue
    through Increased Offer Up Take
  • More Effective Offer Management
    aligned with Sales Strategies
  • Reduced Operational Costs
    and a Better Customer Experience
  • Streamlined Operations
    through Process Improvement and Sales Automation

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