From Awful to Awesome, Siebel – Salesforce Integration at Intuit

The IT, Sales and Call Center teams at Intuit recently collaborated to create this brief video that we encourage you to watch and enjoy. You’ll see their successful collaboration to create a transformational order processing application that enabled their legacy Siebel CRM system to interoperate ‘as a service’ within their new Salesforce CRM system.

The company’s Siebel-Salesforce integration combines the business rules, data, and core Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) functionality retained from their Siebel system, with the flexibility and cloud architecture of Salesforce system. As a result Intuit transformed  the work experience of 3,500 Sales and Call Center agents from ‘Awful’ to ‘Awesome’.

Once you’ve viewed the video, you can learn more about the Intuit application, and the work behind the scenes that made it all happen, by viewing a number of resources:

  • A case study covering the complete Intuit project, including technologies and benefits
  • A preview of the aMind Siebel – Salesforce integration in action at Intuit
  • A replay of a webinar, jointly held with Salesforce, providing an in-depth look at the Siebel – Salesforce project at Intuit

Note: While we’ve worked hard to make the video viewable by all the major browsers and operating systems, if you experience any problems with playback, you may have better success trying a different browser.

Intuit Success Profile

Industry: High Tech Software

Implementation: 6 Months

Preview: Intuit
Siebel-Salesforce Interoperation

Intuit Preview
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Success Highlights

  • 89% Reduction
    in Order Capture Screens
  • 60% Reduction
    in Order Capture Steps
  • 50% Improvement
    in Task Handling Time
  • Reduction
    in Agent Training Time

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