Time Warner Cable

E-Commerce Preview

Time Warner Cable

aMind Builds Multi-Channel
E-Commerce for Time Warner Cable

aMind provides TWC with an† aMind Web Framework-enabled Siebel 8.1.x multi-channel e-commerce solution.
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Phone, Internet, TV

Individual services, double, and triple play bundles served by the Siebel Product Catalog through the aMind Web Framework service layer.


Service Layer: aMind Web Framework
Backend: Oracle Siebel 8.1.x
CMS: Adobe CQ5


Login Page

New customers can enter their address to see the TWC services that are available to them or existing customers can login and be taken directly to a page showing all of their existing services.

Service Availability

Customerís address and zip code information are used to provide a customized shopping experience by combining offers and promotions available in their region with the services available at their location.


Current Services Page

Customer Profile: Existing customers are able to view the current services on their account

Current Services

An existing customerís current services, stored outside of Siebel in billing systems, are assembled to begin a shopping process that applies business rules administered in Siebel while avoiding the cost and complexity of maintaining service assets in Siebel.

Selective Upgrades

Add/Upgrade individual or multiple existing services and equipment in an a la carte fashion.


Upgrade all of your services to a configurable package.


Package Page

Bundled Services: Customers can purchase or upgrade to a Double or Triple Play Bundle.

Customer Based Catalog

Bundle recommendations and downgrade prevention based on customer profile and location.

Regionally Based Catalog

Regional variation of Service, Availability, Pricing and Discount Terms.


TV Equipment

Customize Your Order: Customers can add additional services/equipment to their selected package or even upgrade to a higher service tier for an additional cost.

Dynamic Catalog

Add more equipment & services to your order in addition to what is included in the offer.

Shopping Cart

See your cart dynamically update on every selection with one-time and total monthly costs, discounts and included free services.


Premium Channels

Intelligent Pricing: Customers have various cost savings opportunities through configured functionality in the catalog.

Package Sensing

Customers can add individual premium channels to their cart which will be re-priced into a package when all channels in that package are selected.

Pay In Installments

High priced one-time purchases like sports channels have an option to pay in a configurable amount of installments, increasing close rates.

Discounted Fees

Customers are given discounts on fees and other one time charges based on the contents of their cart and their current services.



Installation Scheduling: Customers are given the opportunity to schedule their in home installation online at time of purchase.

Real-Time Scheduling

aMind services interface directly with enterprise scheduling services to present available time slots and capture customer schedule preferences reducing customer service representative touch time.


Capture Financials

Capture Financial Information: Customers can enter their preferred method of payment for one-time and monthly costs.

Payment Option Eligibility

Customers are offered payment method options based on their region, credit score and contents of their cart.

Financial Data

aMind services securely orchestrate the receipt and submittal of personal financial information in accordance with PCI regulations.


Review Summary

Purchase Summary: The purchase summary†provides an overview of the services†the customer†selected and the final package pricing.

Order Confirmation

Order confirmation details monthly recurring fees as well as one-time fees.

Pricing Discounts

Purchase summary displays any discounts, free services, and promotions provided with the final package.

Customer Insight

All online quote activity is saved in Siebel allowing valuable insight into customer behavior and service, bundle, and promotions interest.

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