AWF Enterprise API Accelerator

The aMind Enterprise API Accelerator is a lightweight framework that helps accelerate integrating solutions with Oracle Siebel CRM.

Enterprise API AcceleratorMany of your business functions depend on the data in your Oracle Siebel CRM system. The individual applications used to support these functions can create islands of information that hinder productivity, increase operating costs, and limit visibility company-wide if not properly integrated with Siebel. In addition, enterprise-wide initiatives, such as cloud, mobile, and Web 2.0,  now require exposing more Siebel data and functions externally. Increase the value of your existing software investment and eliminate the challenges associated with separate applications – enhancing productivity, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability – by addressing your Siebel integration challenges with the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator.

The aMind Enterprise API Accelerator is for companies with many different applications – often on many different technologies, owned and managed by many different organizations – that all leverage the same Siebel infrastructure and information for enterprise product catalog, quoting, and ordering processes. 

The objective of the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator is leverage. The aMind Enterprise API Accelerator  allows the maximum re-use of each component to minimize development time and cost, reduce maintenance time and cost, and eliminate undesired differences between channels. 

Key Benefits

The patterns and practices in the aMind Enterprise API Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM enable a company to enjoy numerous benefits, specifically:

Speed Time to Market

Improve the timeline of solution delivery, by heavily leveraging the functional development done with the aMind Web Framework into all channels.

Strengthen Customer Focus

Maximize consistency between channels, by providing the exact same functionality for call center, retail, web, mobile devices, partner applications, etc.  Intended channel differences can naturally be accommodated as well. 

Reduce Costs

Improve the cost of solution delivery, by heavily leveraging the functional development done with the aMind Web Framework into all channels.

Minimize maintenance cost, by allowing the Siebel Product Catalog to function as an Enterprise Sales Catalog and enable a single point of maintenance for customer-facing offers and options.

Key Features and Capabilities

The aMind Enterprise API Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM allows a common set of functionality to be exposed to applications in several ways:

  • Direct use of the “Plain Old Java Objects” (POJOs) or Java Beans for the UIs
  • Web services
  • RESTful web services

This, in turn, enables several different deployment patterns:

  • Internal applications are developed with the POJOs, while external applications, whether partner or customer focused, are developed with web services.
  • A single UI and application (with minor differences enabled, as needed for separate channels) serve the call center and company-owned retail channels, while the APIs are used by partners to build their own retail applications.
aMind Solution Accelerators

aMind Solution Accelerators are lightweight frameworks that help accelerate world-class optimization and transformation of Oracle Siebel CRM.

Each aMind Solution Accelerator includes a unique and powerful combination of technology, analysis methodologies, proven techniques, design and starting-point patterns, and/or industry best practices around a specific CRM process or capability to meet real industry requirements efficiently and effectively with minimum customization.

aMind Enterprise API Accelerator Additional Benefits
  • Faster Deployments
  • Reduced Deployment Times for Additional Applications
  • Improved Maintenance for New Products or Updates