AWF Multi-Channel Accelerator

The aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator is a lightweight framework that helps accelerate building a multi-channel solution for Oracle Siebel CRM.

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in the way customers interact with the companies with which they do business, as well as with the number of channels that companies have made available to their customers. It is becoming increasingly more important for companies across industries to incorporate multi-channel offerings into their CRM strategies to obtain a full view of the customer, increase revenue opportunities, reduce call volumes, and decrease the cost of missing interactions. If you have not done so already, you will need to adapt your CRM strategies to incorporate the channels that are relevant to your end users. Otherwise, your company may miss revenue opportunities as well as the chance to build a full 360 degree view of your customers. Even if your company has multi-channel deployments today, you will need to remain diligent to ensure that your CRM implementation strategies remain relevant over the long term.

The aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator is for companies looking to deploy a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for Oracle Siebel CRM that provides full multi-channel capabilities with proven, modern, and light UIs to:

  • Extend the Siebel functionality to multiple channels; including customer-facing, partner-facing, service, and retail channels.
  • Improve the usability of Siebel’s functionality to reduce training requirements, speed task times, improve adoption rates, and increase user satisfaction.

The aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator enables considerably faster and less expensive deployments compared to custom designing and custom building new UIs.  The aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator does this while providing all the major benefits of alternate UI applications, including improved task times and reduced training requirements.

Key Benefits

The aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM provides benefits such as:

Improve Performance

System performance excellence: Delivers excellent system performance, even on Oracle Siebel applications that have historically had bad reputations and/or  track records of poor system performance.

Accelerate processes: Starting from established patterns and largely selecting field layouts and colors provides a much faster UI and design process.

Speed Time to Market

Hasten technical design and delivery: Establishes faster technical design and delivery by focusing on using the pattern (picking fields, etc.) rather than on developing the pattern.

Ease user adoption: Enables faster rollout and accelerates user training by providing more intuitive and familiar UIs.

Strengthen Customer Focus

Full 360 degree view of your customers: By adopting a multi-channel strategy, you can gain valuable insight into your end users, which you can then use to develop a fuller view of your customer base. This intelligence is crucial when developing accurate profiles of individual customers’ needs, concerns, and support requirements.

Customer ease of use: Intuitive, easy-to-use user UIs simplify the system from a user perspective and can eliminate or significantly reduce the user training requirements.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Increase revenue opportunities: More channels means more opportunities to sell to your customers. Enabling multi-channel CRM will immediately support a growing number of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Reduce design and delivery costs: Provides less expensive technical design and delivery by focusing on using the pattern (picking fields, etc.) rather than on developing the pattern.

Reduce call volumes: Fewer calls into your sales, contact, or support centers means lower overhead costs and higher margins. By instituting a multi-channel CRM strategy that highlights self-service opportunities, you can reduce your total number of employee-supported interactions, thereby increasing profitability.

Decrease cost of missing interactions: Provide opportunities for your customers to connect with you through their desired channel.  Do not miss out on the opportunity to interact with your customers by not harnessing the full range of contact possibilities available. The result will certainly be unsatisfied end users and increased customer churn, which will reduce both revenues and margins.

Reduce Risk

Reduce technical risk: Reduce the technical risks associated with enabling multi-channel engagements by relying on a well-established solution that has been proven through numerous real world deployments.

Key Features and Capabilities

The aMind Multi-Channel  Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM provides a host of UI components and design patterns for enabling the multi-channel capabilities you need, including:

  • List views with search, sort, filter, paging, and drag and drop rearrangement.
  • Form views with all common entry controls.
  • Recent records functionality and display, streamlining common tasks.
  • Efficient leverage of Siebel features such as audit trail and view mode.
  • Patterns for efficiently leveraging Siebel’s EAI module for optimal data access.
  • Patterns for developing reusable functionality at each layer of the application, enabling web services access as well as UI access to the application.
  • Patterns and components to enable slightly different UIs based on channel or user differences, such as limiting the fields that partners see or restricting the ability to waive fees to select users only.
aMind Solution Accelerators

aMind Solution Accelerators are lightweight frameworks that help accelerate world-class optimization and transformation of Oracle Siebel CRM.

Each aMind Solution Accelerator includes a unique and powerful combination of technology, analysis methodologies, proven techniques, design and starting-point patterns, and/or industry best practices around a specific CRM process or capability to meet real industry requirements efficiently and effectively with minimum customization.

Multi-Channel Success

One of America’s largest entertainment companies leveraged aMind Web Framework to expose Siebel 8.1 functionality to five portals—a Java-based call center, web commerce,, set-top-box, and retail.

Thanks to aMind Solutions, the project was completed on time, under budget, and in less than 16 weeks.

aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator Additional Benefits
  • Faster Deployments
  • Reduced Deployment Times
  • Reduction in User Training Requirements