AWF Products & Pricing Accelerator

The aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator is a lightweight framework that helps accelerate the building of product and pricing models for Oracle Siebel CRM.

As one of the most important decisions to be made when rolling out a company’s quoting, ordering, or enterprise product catalog system; establishing right-designed product and pricing models that are tailored to your company’s business can be a critical element to the overall success of your order management solution. Once set, product and pricing models are both difficult and expensive to change because of the impact to customer data storage, UI design, process development, collateral structure, etc.

The aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator is for companies starting new Siebel deployments and for those upgrading or overhauling their existing Siebel deployments to provide improved performance, maintainability, and interoperability with back-office systems.  The aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator provides analysis methodologies, design patterns, and starting-point leading product and price modeling patterns for telecommunication providers (B2B and B2C), managed service providers (MSPs), high technology companies, and manufacturers.

Key Benefits

Leveraging the aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM improves time-to-market, reduces maintenance costs, ensures feature completeness, and reduces risk:

Speed Time to Market

Accelerates implementation time by jump-starting the project with analysis and design work that has already been proven to work at leading companies within the same industry.

Reduce Costs

Delivers a less expensive solution by leveraging  proven analysis methodologies, design patterns, and starting-point product and price modeling patterns.

Reduce Risk

Reduces the risk of problems down the road from product or price modeling decisions that seemed good at the time but do not hold up under practice in all areas (e.g. change orders, data migration, long-term maintenance, etc.).

Key Features and Capabilities

The Products and Pricing Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM is available in three versions that include best practice starting solutions, as well as analysis and design patterns by business-type:

  • B2C Telecommunications and Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
    • Bundling and promotions – covering new, change, and termination scenarios elegantly as well as maintenance scenarios including frequent updates and regional differences.
    • Standard models embedding best practices for wireless, family-plan or multi-device wireless, Internet, television, and voice services.
    • Pricing plans enabling benefits for “additional discount for multiple-services” patterns and “limited-time promotion” patterns as well as regional or customer-type differences.
    • Top-down (“pick your bundle”) and bottom-up (“pick what you want and we will suggest the best bundle for you”) bundling patterns.
  • B2B Telecommunications
    • Single-point services, such as co-location or simple data services.
    • Two-point services, such as access or private lines or advanced data services.
    • Multi-point services, such as private networks.
    • Pricing plans providing coverage for all major pricing options, such as flat rate, committed data rates, aggregate-across-locations data rates, regional pricing, distance pricing, or by-competitive-market pricing.
  • High-Tech and Manufacturing
    • Solution-based and component-based hierarchy designs.
    • Product collaboration – a pattern for using many small, atomic product models to achieve excellent performance and maintenance, rather than the “one big model” pattern that challenges performance and maintainability.
    • Pricing plans covering list-based, contract-based, and value-based pricing options.
aMind Solution Accelerators

aMind Solution Accelerators are lightweight frameworks that help accelerate world-class optimization and transformation of Oracle Siebel CRM.

Each aMind Solution Accelerator includes a unique and powerful combination of technology, analysis methodologies, proven techniques, design and starting-point patterns, and/or industry best practices around a specific CRM process or capability to meet real industry requirements efficiently and effectively with minimum customization.

aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator Additional Benefits
  • Faster Deployments
  • Improvement in User Perceived Response Times
  • Improvement in Time to Market for New Products and Updates