AWF xPlay Accelerator

The aMind xPlay Accelerator is a lightweight framework that helps accelerate building a multi-play bundled service solution for Oracle Siebel CRM.

The introduction of multi-play service bundles have changed the landscape of many industries, most notably the telecommunications industry. Bundling services to offer triple play or quadruple play (“quad” play) not only allows you to stay competitive, it also reduces your customer churn, increases average per user revenue (ARPU), and leads to more loyalty by becoming a single-source provider of a company or consumers industry-specific needs.

The aMind xPlay Accelerator is for companies quoting and ordering bundled services, such as in telecommunications: triple play service integrating Internet, television, and voice; or quad play service integrating wireless, Internet, television, and voice. 

The aMind xPlay Accelerator provides technology, patterns, techniques, and practices to deliver a better application at lower cost with lower risk.

Examples of aMind xPlay Accelerator features include:

  • Multiple concurrent configurator sessions
  • Transparently mix configuration and non-configurator selections
  • UI layout independent from product hierarchy
  • Leverages native Siebel rule engines

The aMind xPlay Accelerator enables companies to provide bundled products and services more predictably, with less impact to existing Siebel investments. 

Key Benefits

Using the aMind xPlay Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM provides several benefits to companies selling bundled products and services including: 

Improve Performance

Improves analysis and design efficiency and direction, by providing leading practices and patterns for intuitive, efficient bundle quoting and ordering.

Maximizes the user-perceived performance of the application while fully leveraging existing Siebel infrastructure by performing tasks in parallel or in the background while the user is making their selections.

Speed Time to Market

Improves the time to deliver a solution by providing technical components (to be used as-is or as a starting point for purpose-built solutions) and patterns proven to deliver high-performance results.

Strengthen Customer Focus

Maximizes the usability of customer-facing applications and minimizes the task time of call center and retail applications by first capturing all commercial information needed for a price for the full bundle and options, then following up with technical and delivery details should the customer decide to buy.

Reduce Costs

Improves the cost to deliver a solution, by providing technical components (to be used as-is or as a starting point for purpose-built solutions) and patterns proven to deliver high-performance results.

Reduce Risk

Minimizes the risk and impact to existing Siebel infrastructure investments, by leveraging most extensions and customizations directly in-place.

Key Features and Capabilities

The aMind xPlay Accelerator for Oracle Siebel CRM achieves these benefits through techniques such as:

  • Running Siebel’s configurator and asset-based ordering processes in parallel and in the background, so the user does not have to wait for the long system response times that are typical in these modules.
  • Working on the entire bundle (or promotion) at once, rather than forcing the user to work one product at a time.
  • Integrating all rules engines into a seamless experience where user entries and selections are guided as they are made, rather than a “big slow validate” at the end.
  • Removing the distinction between product model and business component data and fields, streamlining the user’s process and allowing selections to be made where they are most intuitive to the process.
aMind Solution Accelerators

aMind Solution Accelerators are lightweight frameworks that help accelerate world-class optimization and transformation of Oracle Siebel CRM.

Each aMind Solution Accelerator includes a unique and powerful combination of technology, analysis methodologies, proven techniques, design and starting-point patterns, and/or industry best practices around a specific CRM process or capability to meet real industry requirements efficiently and effectively with minimum customization.

aMind xPlay Accelerator Additional Benefits
  • Faster Deployments
  • Improvement in User Perceived Response Times
  • Improvement in Quote and Order Entry Task Times