Built From Deep Siebel CRM Expertise, aMind Web Framework Unlocks the Full Potential of Oracle Siebel CRM

The aMind Web Framework includes support programs, code libraries, an application programming interface (API), and tool sets that bring together all the different components to enable development of an Oracle Siebel CRM project or solution. While specialized and optimized for Order Management processes, the aMind Web Framework provides support for substantially all Oracle Siebel CRM modules. It is built to accommodate customizations in existing Siebel deployments and avoid replicating and duplicating customizations in different parts of Siebel as required by other approaches.

Taking the complexity out of an Oracle Siebel CRM development, the aMind Web Framework delivers a set of POJOs (plain old Java objects) and services for use in building the user interface and processóthus ensuring a faster, more cost-effective way to expose processes from on-premise Siebel solutions to multiple channels inside and outside your organization.

aMind Web Framework Architecture

The aMind Web Framework is a Spring-based Java application that:

  • Provides low-level, stable, version-independent Siebel APIs in a native Java programming environment.
  • Builds on those low-level APIís by providing features to up-level and simplify to common technical processes.
  • Builds on those mid-level APIís to provide high-level business APIís focused on CRM and Order Management processes for our target Communications and Manufacturing industries.
  • Builds in an extension framework through industry-standard Java components that provide both “custom-in-place-of” and “custom-in-addition-to” patterns.
  • Delivers all functionality to a set of Plain Old Java Objects (POJOís) or Java Beans that support simple UI development or Web Services / REST API development.

aMind Web Framework Features

The aMind Web Framework provides a set of core technology components that provide critical building blocks for transforming your Oracle Siebel implementation, including such features as:

  • Easier and faster application development.
  • Separates web development from Siebel for asynchronous development.
  • Dramatically reduces the cost and risk of application development.
  • Supports industry standard tools like Portlets, Spring, Hive Mind, and Seam.
  • Follows established Java standards to ensure platform portability.
  • Is platform independent, meaning it has Siebel release, device, application server, browser and user interface framework independence; and works with any combination of industry-standard application servers and operating systems.
  • Handles communication between Web applications, SaaS applications, mobile applications, point-of-sale systems, and Siebel CRM solutions.
  • Supports a wide variety of session management options to permit delivering customized Siebel functionality to alternate UIs, even when that customized functionality didnít follow best practices.
  • Supports authenticated, anonymous and stateless connections with Siebel for highly secure and high scalability applications.
  • Supports aspect-oriented programming for inversion of control (IOC) using Springís reflection API to allow insertion of custom logic.
  • Enables application mash-ups with other enterprise applications and services like Google maps, product review sites, and more.
  • Uses aMindís Domain Object Wizard for generating Java objects enabling rapid application development.

aMind Web Framework Components


  • A set of prebuilt infrastructure services that allow native Java environments to seamlessly connect to and interact with Siebel Server environments.
  • Core services that implement session management to maximize performance (allowing parallel processing), scalability (stateful and stateless options where applicable), and reliability (login failure and dropped session handling), as well as expose single sign-on capabilities and object interactions
  • Native caching mechanisms to optimize application performance.

Pre-Built Runtime Services

  • Configurator service
  • Pricer service
  • Catalog service (includes eligibility and compatibility)
  • Order management services: asset based ordering
  • Business object /component and integration object / component interaction manager
  • Workflow interaction manager
  • Business service interaction manager
  • Proposal generator service
  • File attachment service
  • And moreÖ


  • aMindís Domain Object Wizard that allows wizard-based creation of Java objects from the Siebel repository allowing customer-specific Siebel configurations to be deployed.
  • An Axis-based publisher for web services.
  • A Spring-based configuration environment for building custom processes on top of Siebel objects and services through the use of Reflection API.

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aMind Web Framework Quick Facts

Organizations employing aMind Web Framework to extend their Siebel CRM solutions typically enjoy:

  • 60% faster deployment times
  • 50% lower deployment costs
  • 60% lower maintenance costs
  • 100% flexibility to support the interfaces and processes they need
aMind Web Framework Enables Siebel Objects
  • Communications Asset-Based Ordering
  • Configurator
  • Pricer
  • Catalog
  • Eligibility
  • Compatibility
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Asset
  • Workflow
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Most Other Modules