Jump-start your Oracle Siebel CRM application by relying on aMind solutions expertise. With aMind Web Framework, there’s no need to add applications or deal with complex custom-built interfaces to enhance or extend your Siebel CRM functionality.

Key Benefits

Improve Performance

Streamline processes, improve task times, reduce screens and clicks, and increase user and system performance. The aMind Web Framework was designed to deliver extreme performance improvements and enables considerably greater process and user interface flexibility than other options. With the aMind Web Framework, your Siebel CRM system can be transformed to match your unique business processes providing a more natural, streamlined operation that delivers vast improvements in task times and simplify your users’ experience. In addition, the aMind Web Framework’s customized process-defined, user-specific interfaces are easy to use, increases adoption, and reduces training requirements.

Speed Time to Market

Accelerate product, pricing and process changes, enable faster deployments, and dramatically improve time to market both domestically and internationally. Enable business agility and channel flexibility using the aMind Web Framework’s pre-built platform. Separation of web and alternate channel development from Siebel development improves the agility of both. The aMind Web Framework uses the full logic, rules, and data from the Siebel application and makes them available to all channels; making new products, options, features, pricing, promotions, and bundles immediately available to all channels when they are released.

Strengthen Customer Focus

Capitalize on a 360 degree view to better serve your customers. Set a new standard for customer service and enable an integrated, comprehensive customer-centric view of your customers across all your channels. Also, the aMind Web Framework enables customer-facing branding and web applications to be quickly and easily built atop Siebel and allows deployment of Siebel capabilities within other web applications as well.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your costs, accelerate your return on investment (ROI), and future proof your CRM investment. The aMind Web Framework offers pre-built tools and components making it significantly cheaper than other alternatives of custom building or replicating Siebel functionality and data in channel applications (in fact, it is often 2x to 3x cheaper). Faster deployment, lower implementation costs, reduced maintenance, and channel enablement of any CRM functionality all add up to one thing: a quicker return on your Siebel CRM investment. Built on standards based technologies – using the aMind Web Framework results in much lower cost of ongoing maintenance and support and reduced customization of Siebel dramatically reduces upgrade costs.

Reduce Risk

We’ve solved the difficult problems, so you don’t have to. Our deep Siebel expertise—combined with our proven aMind Web Framework prebuilt platform—reduces the inherent risk of built-from-scratch Web applications. We have incorporated years of experience and lessons from scores of projects deploying Siebel-based solutions in telecommunications, high technology manufacturing, and other industry verticals.

Gain Flexibility & Scalability

Gain freedom of choice for application server and user interface technology. The aMind Web Framework employs standards-based technologies for openness and flexibility and allows you to deliver cutting edge, highly interactive experiences based on Web 2.0 technologies. The aMind Web Framework is browser, device, Java server, UI, and language independent and works with all Siebel versions from 7.5 and up.

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aMind Web Framework Quick Facts

Organizations employing aMind Web Framework to extend their Siebel system typically enjoy:

  • 75% Fewer Screens & Clicks
  • 70% Faster Quotes & Orders
  • 50% Improved User-Perceived Performance
  • 85% Improved System Response Times
  • 80% Less Training
  • 60% Faster Deployment Times
  • 50% Lower Deployment Costs
  • 60% Lower Maintenance Costs
  • 100% Flexibility to Support the Interfaces and Processes They Need
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