TethrOn Mobile Platform

The TethrOn Mobile Platform was designed specifically to address the unique data and processes challenges that exist when multiple Enterprise applications are extended to hundreds of mobile workers who often times need to work offline.

TethrOn Architecture

TethrOn solves the really tough challenges in the middle between thousands of mobile devices and your Enterprise backend systems

Enterprises looking to extend their enterprise systems to their mobile workforce need a comprehensive solution to address the complexities of managing the data and processes of Enterprise back office systems that were designed for individual transactional processes, not on demand burst synchronization with thousands of remote, disconnected applications.  TethrOn was designed specifically to address these challenges that exist in the middle.

There are 4 key elements of a comprehensive enterprise mobile platform

  1. Support everything – Face it, there is no one device, mobile OS, or mobile app development environment that meets everyone’s needs.  Most Enterprise mobile apps today are built by 3rd parties specializing in mobile who have expertise with specific app development tools (MADP).  But if we’ve learned anything from the last 20 years of evolving software development platforms it is that open standards ultimately wins, so why not select an architecture that assures your organization of that ultimate freedom.  aMind provides a client side API stack that works with all the mobile OSs, MADPs and open source tools.  Check.
  2. Make it work all the time – Reality is 78% of the time mobile workers aren’t able to connect (on plane, train, in office building, etc) or have a slow or unreliable connection.  Applications designed for mobile workers need to work 100% of the time and the only way to do that is to design them to work offline.  TethrOn’s unique ‘off line architecture’ assures that all the information and processes mobile workers need to do their jobs are available all the time.  And that’s not something you add in later on….
  3. It needs to be really fast – Mobile workers don’t have the time or patience to deal with something as complex as ‘change data management synchronization’.  TethrOn has taken the unique approach of providing field level synchronization, backed by a really fast cache based synchronization process, to assure field workers spend seconds syncing so they can spend their time selling, servicing and supporting your customers and not watching an hourglass or debugging sync conflicts.
  4. All the information – More often than not, mobile workers need information from multiple back office systems to do their job.  Accounts, contacts and opportunities from a CRM system, cases from a service cloud system, news and chat from another, quoting from an ERP, and billing from a finance system.  And they need a lot of information on their mobile device to be able to work effectively offline.  aMind integrates and consolidates data from multiple back office systems to provide a single, comprehensive interface to mobile workers.

TethrOn is an advanced mobility solution to extend enterprise backend systems such as Oracle Siebel, Salesforce, and other enterprise systems.  TethrOn enables companies to provide secure anytime, anywhere access to the information their mobile workers need. It was designed for ultimate enterprise performance and scalability and enables enterprises to improve the speed, accuracy, and consistency of activities in the field with or without network coverage.

Platform for Existing Infrastructure & Future Growth

TethrOn has been designed to support future growth plans with an advanced platform that can support multiple enterprise systems, multiple operating systems, multiple devices, and multiple mobile applications.

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TethrOn Benefits
  • Improved Performance
  • Strengthened Customer Focus
  • Increased Revenue
  • Ultimate Flexibility & Scalability
  • Reduced Costs & Time to Market
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