AWF Optimization Services

Make the Most of Your Siebel Implementation

Does it take too long to accomplish common tasks?  Are your Siebel users frustrated? Are your Siebel users burdened with usability issues? Do you have scalability and performance challenges?  Many Siebel implementations were either done without a particular focus on productivity and usability or have degraded over time.  Your users may be asking the customers to wait because the system is slow.  You may have started capturing customer requests on paper or spreadsheets then entering data in Siebel later.  Your sales force may be spending undue time entering information instead of selling.  Your partners may be working with other suppliers to avoid the slow system.

Gain Business Results through Optimization

aMind Solutions offers two major types of optimization services to solve these challenges: Technical Optimization Services and  Process Optimization Solutions.

  • Technical Optimization Services
    aMind Solutions can rapidly maximize the value and minimize the costs of an existing Oracle Siebel deployment with minimal impact.aMind Solutions offers in-depth, inside knowledge of Oracle Siebel CRM software to provide optimization services of your Siebel system. aMind Solutions’ founders literally “wrote the book” on how to performance tune and optimize Siebel Order Management and the aMind Professional Services team bring those techniques to each engagement.  The aMind Professional Services team is highly adept at optimizing Siebel solutions to match your business, industry, and regulatory requirements and can deliver the maximum business value while securing the highest level of performance available from your legacy Siebel application.
  • Process Optimization Solutions
    aMind Solutions can deliver alternate-UI applications that provide dramatic improvements in user task completion times, training requirements, system response times, and provide multi-channel leverage. The aMind Professional Services team uses a powerful combination of the aMind Web Framework, aMind Solution Accelerators, and the technical optimization services listed above to achieve impressive results.

Proven Oracle Siebel Optimization

Let the aMind Professional Services team of experts review your deployment, identify areas that need addressing, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. The first round of profiling and tuning can typically be completed and proven in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. aMind Optimization Services include:

  • Profiling
    The aMind Professional Services team will identify current usage within the Siebel application and profile business processes to be considered during the analysis and optimization phases.
  • Analysis
    The aMind Professional Services team will measure performance of the system before modification and determine patterns and causes of bottlenecks to identify the areas that need addressing.  We combine this with solution options and expected benefits from years of tuning experience to find the best “bang for the buck” improvements and put a full set of options and costs together for project planning and scheduling.
  • Optimization
    The aMind Professional Services team will deliver a set of recommendations to improve scalability, system performance, and usability. Additionally aMind’s team of experts will perform the optimization services needed to fine-tune your Siebel implementation to deliver those improvements.
  • And more

Your company can realize real business results through aMind Optimization Services. aMind Professional Services experts have a proven track record of optimizing some of Siebel’s largest order management deployments. Contact us today to learn more.

Is your legacy Siebel CRM system slowing you down?

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Rapid Deployment,
Lower Costs

Customers that have engaged aMind to deploy and extend their Siebel CRM solutions have experienced (on average):

  • 60% Faster Deployment than Custom or In-house Projects
  • 50% Lower Deployment Costs
  • 60% Lower Maintenance Costs for the New Solution
  • 100% Flexibility to Support the User Interface and Processes They Need
Success Guaranteed

We will contractually guarantee your positive business outcomes as a result of our Siebel implementation or optimization.

Based on your company’s specific requirements, we can guarantee outcomes such as reduced task completion times and reduced average handling times.