TethrOn Professional Services

With TethrOn Professional Services, You Benefit from:

  • Faster Time-to-Market. Proven mobility framework?reduces development and implementation time-to-market.
  • Scalability. Mobility solutions that scale to support future mobility goals?reduces future infrastructure replace cost and time.
  • Lower Project Risk. Clear, best practice guidelines for enterprise mobility deployments–decreases implementation risk and maximizes mobility investment.
  • Lower TCO. Expert implementation of TethrOn while leveraging existing IT infrastructure?reduces the total cost of ownership.

Mobilize Your Enterprise with TethrOn Professional Services

aMind Solutions offers unparalleled expertise, leading-edge technology, and best-in-class methodologies designed to deliver true mobile enablement to your enterprise.

Engage with the TethrOn Professional Services team to design, create, and implement your mobile strategy. TethrOn Professional Services offer highly-focused engagements that can be either a complete end-to-end enterprise mobility services engagement, or individual project-based execution services based on your company’s desired objectives.

aMind’s team of mobility experts can work with you to provide any one, or all, of the following services:

Enterprise Mobility Strategy & Design

TethrOn Professional Services experts will help you design a model for sustained mobile innovation. The aMind team will work with you to understand your business, identify your mobility opportunities, and provide a blueprint to establish your company as a vanguard of enterprise mobility.

Mobile Business Process Optimization

TethrOn Professional Services experts will help you to do more than just mobilize your business process. Many enterprise systems’ business processes are not optimized to work efficiently?users can be heavily burdened with such inefficiency both in office and in the field. This burden is especially prevalent when working remotely due to limitations of working on a mobile device. aMind will pull from decades of process optimization expertise to streamline and transform your business processes for extreme performance improvements and empower your field teams with highly-optimized, mobile-ready processes.

TethrOn Configuration and Systems Integration

TethrOn Professional Services experts will help you to mobilize your backend applications and data. Whether you are developing applications in house, or working with a mobile app agency, rely on the experts at aMind to install and configure TethrOn and connect all your enterprise systems to a secure, flexible, and powerful enterprise mobility environment.

Custom Mobile Application Development

TethrOn Professional Services experts will work with you to develop custom mobile applications that will help your business thrive and provide your employees with a consistent application experience regardless of the backend system(s) and data source(s). The TethrOn team can provide single mobile applications that can be based on data from multiple backend systems (e.g. Salesforce.com for SFA processes and Oracle Siebel CRM for CPQ processes). Rely on TethrOn Professional Services for custom designed, powerfully intuitive, role-specific mobile applications designed specifically for your business.

Having successfully completed many enterprise mobility engagements for the Global 1000 and the world’s leading telecommunications providers, aMind Professional Services experts will help you realize the full power and potential of your mobility strategy. Contact us today to learn more.

Help your business thrive with expert enterprise mobility professional services.

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Rapid Deployment,
Lower Costs

Customers that have engaged aMind to deploy enterprise mobility solutions have experienced:

  • Faster Deployment than Custom or In-house Projects
  • Lower Deployment Costs
  • Accelerated Return on Mobile Investment
  • Complete Flexibility to Customize and Fit within the Existing Infrastructure and Support Future Growth Plans