American Red Cross Mobile Donor App

aMind recently developed the infrastructure to enable a new mobile app to connect the Red Cross and their Siebel CRM system with their network of over 3 million blood donors.

ARC_collageNow aMind and a number of leading companies are teaming up with the Red Cross to get the word out about this ‘mission critical’ app and we’re contacting our friends in the Siebel community to ask your help to let everyone at your company know about this new app. Our goal is for the app to reach the top rankings on the Apple and Google App Stores.  Then donor scheduling gets much easier, and donor communication gets much more efficient for the Red Cross.  So in the spirit of helping someone important in the Siebel community, help us help the Red Cross help everyone by helping to get the word out about this ‘mission critical’ app.

Download from Apple iTunes for the Apple iPhone

Download from Google App Store for Android

Here is some additional information on the program and the app:

  • The American Red Cross is launching a first-of-its kind Blood Donor App on September 9, 2014. This app will allow users to hold the power to save lives in the palm of their hand.
  • The app allows users to schedule blood donations, track their total donations, get rewards and invite friends to join them on a lifesaving team.
  • The new Red Cross Blood Donor App makes it easier, faster and more convenient for users to schedule and manage their donation appointments, track the lifetime impact of their donations and recruit family and friends to roll up a sleeve with them.
  • The app provides a number of features that show how simple, convenient and rewarding it can be to give blood.
  • The new app is free and available for download on iPhone and Android devices through the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

We are encouraging everyone who donates, can donate, or wants to encourage others to donate blood, to download the Red Cross Blood Donor App within a week after the launch on September 9, 2014.

To learn more about the aMind technology that was used to extend the Red Cross’ Oracle Siebel system to their 3 million blood donors we’ve provided a few links to resources here:

  • An on-demand webinar providing an overview and demonstration of aMind’s TethrOn mobile development platform.
  • A case study featuring AT&T’s success with mobilizing their sales organization.
  • A data sheet describing the aMind software that integrates their Siebel system to their mobile platform.
  • A news story discussing the Red Cross mobile app project.
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