GVT E-Commerce PreviewaMind lets you build commerce, customer support, and service features for your corporate website for customers or partners directly atop your Siebel CRM solution; requiring no changes to your website infrastructure, no complicated Siebel CRM programming, and no additional applications or upgrades. 

An aMind-enabled e–commerce solution leverages the best of both worlds: all of the customer, partner, service, product, price, catalog, contract, and quote/order/asset data and rules from your Oracle Siebel CRM solution combined with the UI flexibility and branding of your existing or leading e–commerce platforms.

Deploying an aMind-enabled e–commerce solution offers numerous benefits to your business:

  • Your Siebel functionality is fully and directly utilized while providing complete flexibility for branding, customization, and personalization. Because Siebel objects, processes, rules, clustering, scalability, and more all become plain Java objects or web services, web developers can make easy use of them. The result: a fully branded e–commerce experience that reflects your corporate identity and mission. aMind can enable a seamless extension of your brand, provide a framework for user personalization, set the stage for an solution that can provide opportunities in multi-channel selling, and can be extended into a streamlined mobile application.
  • Routine tasks are handled with no additional effort. Because no additional database is required and no new application constructs are imposed, all interactions are immediately and directly reflected in your Siebel environment. The result: a single point of customer truth. 
    Compared to a separate e-commerce application, product / price / promotion and rule updates are effective without additional effort resulting in substantial savings in both cost and time to market with updates.
  • Your web infrastructure does not change. Designed to fit seamlessly into existing commercial-grade web deployments, aMind Web Framework leverages existing monitoring, clustering, fail-over, and scalability features. As a result, you get to use the application server and user interface technology of your choosing. aMind Web Framework works with all significant commercial Java application servers and user interface technologies.
    Unlike implementing and integrating a separate e–commerce application, an aMind solution is a fraction of the cost and the result is a seamlessly integrated e–commerce solution powered by your Siebel data. 
  • Your Siebel CRM investment is extended and protected. Products and pricing rules do not need to be remodelled. You can use your catalogs just as they are. Eligibility criteria remains untouched. And you can take advantage of all of your business component configurations (including account, contact, quote, order, and so on). Best of all, aMind Web Framework employs a set of Eclipse-based wizards to create and maintain a detailed specification of exactly which Siebel fields, features, and capabilities are being used on your web site.

Key Benefits

Speed Time to Market

Accelerate product, pricing, and process changes; enable faster deployments; and dramatically improve time to market both domestically and internationally. aMind enables faster time to market using pre-built tools, components, and features. Achieve feature richness with pre-built Siebel functionality and aMind Solutions add-ons.

Strengthen Customer Focus

Ensure an optimal customer experience. The aMind Web Framework enables customer-facing branding and web applications to be quickly and easily built atop Siebel and allows deployment of Siebel capabilities within other web applications as well.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your costs, accelerate your return on investment (ROI), and future proof your CRM investment. With aMind Solutions, you will benefit from a much lower cost of deployment compared to purchasing, implementing, and integrating leading commercial e–commerce applications. Additionally you will enjoy a lower total cost of ownership for your aMind-enabled e-commerce solution.

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aMind E-Commerce Benefits
  • Feature Richness, with Pre-built Siebel Functionality and aMind Solutions Add-ons
  • Much Lower Cost of Deployment compared to Leading Commercial E‑Commerce Applications
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Faster Time to Market using Pre-built Tools, Components, and Features
“Triple Play” Dynamic
E-Commerce Platform

In less than six months’ time, aMind Solutions delivered an end-to-end, e‑commerce solution for a cable and telecommunications giant. By the end of that period the company was selling its triple play offering through its corporate web site.

Customer Success

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