Global Village Telecom

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aMind Builds Multi-Channel
E-Commerce for GVT

aMind provides Global Village Telecom with an aMind Web Framework-enabled Siebel 8.1.x multi-channel e-commerce solution.
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Phone, Internet, TV

Individual services, double, and triple play bundles served by the Siebel Product Catalog through the aMind Web Framework service layer.


UI: JSF / Seam 
Service Layer: aMind Web Framework 
Backend: Oracle Siebel 8.1.x
CMS: Vignette


Enter Location

To get started, customersájust enterátheir city and state location.

Service Availability

Users are able to build a quote by providing just their city and state information ? this simplifies the quoting process and allows users to create their customer account later when they decide to purchase.


Telephone Services

Customers select usage plan based on their needs.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is fully integrated with Siebel. Prices and products are the same as those displayed in the sales system.

Existing Customer Self Service Portal

Existing customers can review / update contact information and review / upgrade / change their currently installed services (enabled with asset based ordering).

Dynamic Catalog

Service options based on the bundle selected (single, double, or triple play bundle) and the location provided.


Television & Internet Services

Triple play bundle options are displayed forácustomers to compare and select the bundle options that best meet their needs.

Bundles and A La Carte Ordering

Allow users to select from bundled and a la carte options.

Services Comparison

Provides side-by-side comparison of available service options.

Customer Loyalty

Adjustments to price offered based on customer loyalty commitment.

Parallel Processing

Multiple configurator sessions running in parallel to present multiple services (product models) on a single screen ľ improves response time for the user and makes it easier to maintain product models.


Additional Services

Customers select value-added and add-on services offered based onáthe selected telephone, TV, and Internet services to complete their custom bundle configuration ľ such as Internet add-on services (e.g. fixed internet addresses) and computer support (e.g. anti-virus, online backup, help desk support).

Value-Added Services

Additional value-added and add-on services are offered based upon selected services to provide cross-sell and up-sell options to increase service and revenue uptake.

Persistent Shopping Cart

Persistent shopping cart provides an itemized list of products and prices including extended discounts and promotions.

Product Summary

A concise summary of selected services and the total price.


Purchase Summary

Summary of the selected services ľáthe purchase summaryáprovides an overview of the servicesáthe customeráselected and the final package price.

Order Confirmation

Order confirmation details monthly reoccurring fees as well as one-time fees.

Pricing Discounts

Purchase summary displays any discounts, free services, and promotions provided with the final package.

Customer Insight

All online quote activity is saved in Siebel allowing valuable insight into customer behavior and service, bundle, and promotions interest.

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