E-Commerce Preview


aMind and Sanoma Deploy
E-Commerce Solution

Sanoma implements intuitive e-commerce solution using the aMind Web Framework to establish web-based media sales order entry across their portfolio of publications.

Media Sales Solution

Self-service customer portal to place advertisements in Sanoma media served by the Siebel Product Catalog through the aMind  Web Framework service layer.


UI: Spring MVC
Service Layer: aMind Web Framework
Backend: Oracle Siebel 8.1.x


Choose Location

Customers can select category and placement of an advertisement in the media selected.

Wizard Navigation

Intuitive step-by-step process guides user and enables them to navigate back to any step at any point in the process to refine their selections prior to submission.

Sales Catalog

Siebel Catalog product options are offered based upon selected publication. Allows user to select their desired advertisement type and placement.

Internationalization Support

The e-commerce site is available in the Finnish language only; however the site is actually coded in English in the background to enable easier collaboration across a multi-national development team.

NOTE: for the purpose of this Preview, screen captures have been translated into English to assist non-Finnish speaking audiences.


Choose Subcategory

Customers can review and select available subcategory options for their advertisement such as: placement position, ad size, etc.

Sales Catalog

Displays any promotions, discounts, or free services provided with the selected package and/or products


Performance is improved by aMind Web Framework in-memory caching of the Siebel Product Catalog providing quick response times for the user.

User Experience

Designed to be highly intuitive, the user experience is further optimized by reducing the number steps required and enabling flexibility in the order of the steps to complete the process.


Select Advertisement Size

Customers can select advertisement attributes (such as type, size, and color) and view pricing.

Integrated Pricing

Pricing generated by the billing system is integrated into the UI and updated in real-time as user drags cursor across sizing grid to provide immediate user feedback.

Agent-Assisted Ordering

Customers can gain live assistance from a Sanoma agent during the ordering process – details of the online quote are available for the agent to review, modify, and complete to reduce shopping cart abandon rate.


Select Publication Dates

Customer can select the date(s) of publication for the advertisement and view pricing.

Publication Dates and Pricing

User selected publication dates are displayed with the list price and any applied discounts.

Up-Sell Opportunity

Displays discounts available if user selects additional dates of publication to increase average order value.


Choose Advertisement Media Plan

Customers can select a template to create an ad (using one of Sanoma’s design templates), upload ready advertising material (i.e. a complete design file), opt to deliver material at a later date, or have the Sanoma design staff produce an  advertisement for them.

Value-Added Services

Sanoma can create advertisements based upon user instructions. User can preview results for free and is only charged if the material produced is published, providing Sanoma with potential additional revenue opportunity.

Persistent Shopping Cart

Shopping cart displays selected publication, category and subcategories, size and color, publication dates, list pricing, and applied discounts.

Design Templates

User can select to upload advertisement graphics and enter text into predefined layout templates to simplify ad creation.

Integrated Customer Content Management

User uploaded advertisement media is stored in customer content management system and related to Siebel Order for publishing.


Purchase Summary

Summary of the customer’s selected options – the summary provides an overview of the services the customer selected and final pricing.

Selection Summary

Summary details for selected options and services.

Pricing Discounts

Purchase summary displays any discounts provided, summarized and itemized by the publication release dates.

Easy Collaboration

User can email a link to the summary page for others to review selected options prior to order submission.

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