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aMind and Swisscom
Deploy E-Commerce Solution

Swisscom implements robust e-commerce solution using the aMind Web Framework to establish web-based order entry across multiple channels.
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Mobile, TV, Internet, Fixed Network

Individual services, double, triple, and quad play bundles served by the Siebel Product Catalog through the aMind Web Framework service layer.


UI: JSF / PrimeFaces
Service Layer: aMind Web Framework
Backend: Oracle Siebel 8.1.x 
CMS: Adobe CQ5  


Available Products

Customers can select from options presented based on availability for their service address.

Persistent Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is fully integrated with Siebel. Channel-specific products and pricing are displayed.

Saves a customer’s cart contents in-memory until the customer commits to order – reducing Siebel load and increasing performance for the user.

Location-based Services

Preconfigured to provide services based on the location provided.

Provides options for “more speed?” – offering up-sell opportunity and potential to increase revenue per user (RPU).

Dynamic Catalog

Package and individual product options offered based on the location provided. Allows users to select their preferred bundle package – double, triple, or quad play bundle – or create their own by selecting from individual products.


Configuration » Product Overview

Customers can review their selected bundle and choose from available options.


Displays any promotions, discounts, or free services provided with the selected package and/or products.

Context-Relevant Selections

Different selections are available if the user is a new customer signing up for the first time (a really simple, streamlined process) an existing customer changing their options (providing a few more choices), or a Swisscom agent.

Parallel Processing

Multiple Siebel product configurator sessions running in parallel to present multiple offers on a single screen – improves response time for the user and makes it easier to maintain product models.


Performance is improved by pre-loading and presumptive background-processing the Siebel interactions while still fully leveraging all Siebel data and engines in real time.

User Experience

Designed to be highly intuitive, the user experience is further optimized by reducing the number steps required and enabling flexibility in the order of the steps to complete the process.


Installation » Choice of Devices

Customers can select devices and accessories to support their installation order.

Multi-Language Support

The e-commerce site is available in four languages: English, French, German, and Italian. The language can be changed at any point in the process.

Agent-Assisted Ordering

Customers can gain live assistance from a Swisscom agent during the ordering process – details of the online quote are available for the agent to review, modify, and complete to reduce shopping cart abandon rate.

Integrated CMS

Graphic and text are directly inserted from the content management system – enabling ease of website management and maintenance.

Additional Products & Services

Additional value-added and add-on products and services are offered to increase service and revenue uptake.


Purchase Summary

Summary of the selected services – provides an overview of the services the customer selected and the final bundle package price.

Installation / Activation Dates

User selected installation and system-determined activation date(s) are displayed.

Summary of Costs

Summary of costs details monthly recurring and one-time costs for selected products and services.

Pricing Discounts

Purchase summary displays any discounts and included services provided with the final bundle.

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