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Worldwide mobile workers now number more than one billion. In the U.S. alone, IDC estimates that by 2020 mobile workers will account for nearly three-quarters of the U.S. workforce. The number of devices and app development platforms continue to proliferate with device technology adoption in global markets varying greatly.

Suffice it to say, workforce mobility has become a top corporate priority for most enterprises with the aim to drive employee productivity, increase revenue, enhance customer engagement, and improve corporate and employee decision-making. To accomplish this goal the needs of both the mobile workforce and the IT and Operations teams that support them must be addressed to achieve success.

Mobile workers need apps that are usable anywhere, anytime, which means offline

Simply put mobile workers need the information and processes to do their jobs wherever they’re working.  That means apps that work off line.  And those apps need all the data the user needs, often times tens of thousands of records.  Which means managing and synchronizing a lot of data that often a lot of people interact with (accounts, contacts, cases, billing, orders, products, inventory, etc).  We’ve developed lighting fast synchronization and field level conflict resolution to streamline and simplify usage, which in turn assures user satisfaction and adoption.

IT and Operations teams need a flexible mobile platform that connects users to enterprise systems (i.e. works with everything we’ve got)

As if managing dozens of enterprise platforms, networks and office desktops wasn’t enough, enabling and managing a mobile workforce is exponentially more complex.  Users are widely distributed and often times works offline, which means they need a lot of data on the device to do their work, which in turn needs to be synchronized across multiple systems with multiple users updating the data (accounts, contacts, orders, opportunities, etc). Those backend systems were designed for interactive transactions and not burst synchronization and each has it’s own data structures, interfaces and user administration.

Equally important on the client side is support for multiple mobile OSs, multiple app development platforms, and open standards based tools; key to meeting current global needs and to future proof your IT environment.  aMind provides a complete mobile framework solution from APIs that support all the leading mobile OSs and development platforms, to a powerful framework server that caches and synchronizes records between your thousands of mobile users and your dozens of backend systems.

4 Requirements for Enterprise Mobile App Success

  1. BYOT – Freedom to select the OS, device and mobile app development tools that you prefer.
  2. Large data sets – all the information your mobile users need, available all the time.  And not just data but processes too.
  3. High speed synchronization – Manage synchronization of data at the field level between user and multiple backend systems. Key to user adoption is fast, transparent, conflict free synchronization.
  4. Multiple backend systems – Interoperate with multiple backend systems at the data and process level to deliver all the data users need in one role specific app.

aMind Solutions has designed a mobile development platform, TethrOn, that addresses both the usability needs of the mobile worker and the administration and operational challenges of IT and Operations.

Key Benefits

Improve Performance

Maximize mobile workforce productivity. Improve and enhance mobile worker productivity by enabling applications that deliver all the information and resources your field teams need to perform their jobs even when they’re offline. Enterprise applications and information is extended to your field teams through role specific apps you develop to dramatically speed field workforce processes.

Strengthen Customer Focus

Better serve customers. aMind can help you set a new standard for sales and customer service by providing better in-person service.  Arm your mobile workers with offline access to the information and processes they need to achieve service excellence, enhance overall customer satisfaction, and accelerate in-field response times.

Increase Revenue

Boost your revenue. aMind enables your workforce with immediate access to the information needed to perform their tasks. With aMind mobility solutions, you can accelerate your sales and service cycles, increase up-sell, cross-sell, and renewal revenue sources.

Reduce Costs & Speed Time to Market

Reduce your development costs. Enable faster time to market.  TethrOn is designed for ease and speed of development and implementation.

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aMind Enterprise Mobility Benefits
  • Improved Performance
  • Strengthened Customer Focus
  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Costs & Time to Market
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