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High Tech CapabilitiesaMind Offers High Tech and Manufacturing Expertise

For todayís high technology companies and manufacturers, the challenges associated with order management are limitless; and can include multiple channels, increasingly complex products, outsourced manufacturing, increased customer demands, and more. aMind Solutions has successfully designed aMind-enabled Oracle Siebel CRM solutions for many Fortune 500 high technology and manufacturing companies and can leverage that expertise to design and implement the ideal solution for your business.

aMind provides a proven combination of unique technology and expert consulting services for Oracle Siebel CRM to dramatically improve quoting, ordering, and product configuration processes, especially for companies that sell complex products and assemblies.

  • User-focused Process Design: aMind takes a different approach to process design by starting with the userís perspective. aMind designs systems that guide and support the user to make the decisions they need, in the sequence and manner that is most intuitive to them.
  • System Delivery: aMind executes an iterative, proof-based system delivery methodology to predictably assemble and test the new system with full visibility to the entire project team.
  • Product, Pricing, and Bundle Modeling: aMind leverages lessons learned and best practices gained from scores of high technology and manufacturing deployments. Having performed some of the world’s largest implementations, aMind has perfected the formula for optimizing quoting, configuration, and order capture processes. aMind designs for all use cases with a focus on long-term maintenance and excellent system performance.

aMind Solution’s high technology and manufacturing customers enjoy considerable improvements especially in product configuration performance (50% to 80% faster) and quoting process improvements (30% to 60% reductions in task completion times), as well as additional benefits such as:

  • Reduced sales costs and quoting and ordering errors
  • Simplified order processing
  • Improved customer service
  • Shortened time-to-market for new products
  • Reduced order cycle times
  • Established competitive advantage

aMind Solutions’ intense Siebel CRM focus and deep high tech manufacturing industry expertise combined with the capabilities provided by the aMind Web Framework enables aMind to build quoting, configuration, and order capture applications that are faster, easier, and more flexible than any other technology stack or approach.

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The aMind Web Framework, combined with aMind Professional Services, delivers intuitive, high performance solutions for: quoting and ordering, process optimization, product configuration, enterprise product catalog, and e-commerce.

In addition, aMind has created solution accelerators around numerous industry and process best practices: aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator, aMind xPlay Accelerator, aMind Multi-Channel Accelerator, and aMind Enterprise API Accelerator.

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Fortune 500 High Tech Manufacturing Successes

Recent high technology and manufacturing customers employing aMind Web Framework to extend their Siebel CRM solutions have enjoyed significant improvements, such as:

  • 95% Improvement in New Product Introduction Cost
  • 90% Improvement in New Product Introduction Time
  • 80% Improvement in Time to Generate a New Quote
  • 80% Improved System Response Times
  • 70% Reduction in Support Costs

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