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aMind Web Framework Delivers
  • Improve performance through optimized processes.
  • Faster time to market across channels and around the globe.
  • Reduced costs and accelerated ROI
  • Reduced risk inherent in built-from-scratch web applications.
Secure a Competitive Edge with Robust Siebel Configure, Price, Quote

We’ve helped the world’s leading brands successful optimize, extend, mobilize and migrate Oracle Siebel CPQ, and we can do the same for your enterprise.

Our team of Siebel implementation experts, combined with our proprietary enabling technologies, will deploy a Siebel CPQ solution that simplifies the complexity of tracking thousands of products across multiple catalogs and software systems.

We will assist you to dynamically present targeted product bundles, configure cross and up-sell opportunities and achieve optimal pricing.

Product Configuration Simplified

Complex product configurations is where our technology and talent really shines. Optimized over dozens of successful deployments aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator delivers dramatic improvements in Siebel’s Product Configurator performance.

Our unique product configuration approach is to run multiple small product models in the background (so Siebel is fast) while the user interacts with a single consolidated UI (so the process is simple and intuitive).

In addition to sophisticated enabling technology, aMind’s Siebel CPQ experts remove the headaches associated with complex Siebel CPQ implementations.

Quickly and with minimal risk your enterprise will enjoy the competitive advantage of Siebel. This includes the ability to make profitable offerings; simplify the process of defining and classifying products; and equip marketers with tools for configuring pricing rules, staging content, and publishing catalogs without IT involvement.

The results are impressive. By allowing products to be modeled and executed as re-usable assemblies rather than the classic “one big model” pattern, performance is improved by 80% to 90% and system maintenance is reduced by 30% to 40%.

Here’s how we deliver a competitive advantage through product configuration success. >>

Product Catalog Across Any Channel

Our product modeling experts have decades of experience with hundreds of robust, flexible, and simple-to-use product catalog deployments. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a predictable, confident design and implementation of a new enterprise product catalog across one, or all, of your selling channels.

To reduce your projects long-term costs and risks, we leverage standard product modeling patterns and investigation processes available in the aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator.

Using aMind’s Web Appliction Framework technology (AWF), an enterprise product catalog is built only once in Siebel and deployed everywhere, with flexibility to support the unique requirements of each channel.

Here’s how we help you deliver the latest product information to all your users, quickly and with minimal risk. >>

Quote to Order Matched to Your Business

AWF is incredibly flexibility to tailor processes for your company’s most complex Siebel quote to order requirements. From complex pricing and product configuration, to quote approval, availability checking and credit and payment verification.

The framework leverages Siebel constructs in a way that provides extreme performance improvements, without painful customizations. This method is not only better for your end users, it also far less expensive and much faster to implement than out-of-the-box Siebel process.

In fact, the average aMind quoting and ordering implementation results in an 80% usability improvement, while being almost 50% less expensive than the out-of-the-box Siebel implementation.

Learn more about our unique solution for Siebel CPQ using Siebel CRM.