Process Optimization

aMind makes Oracle Siebel CRM work for you: transforming your Siebel applications to match your business process.

process flexibilityThe out-of-box Siebel functionality is not flexible enough to adapt to an individual company’s unique business process. Even with extensive customization, standalone Siebel implementations may require unnecessary and disruptive alterations to a company’s business process to be effective: which will slow down system and user performance. You don’t need to alter your business process to fit your CRM application. aMind can transform any Siebel CRM application to fit your unique business process.

Process optimization means minimizing the time required to process or fulfill a customer’s request. This includes a request that is managed independently by a customer via a self-service portal or a request that is assisted by an employee, partner, or agent through a call center, sales application, or other facility. The goal is to enable the user – regardless if it is a customer, employee, partner, or agent – to do their job efficiently. Ideally the system should also be designed to effortlessly guide them through the process with little to no training.

Process optimization is a primary focus of aMind Solutions; influencing all the company’s efforts from new product development to solution and feature enhancements to customer deployments to internal and external training initiatives. With this focus, aMind seeks continuous improvement in usability and task times to provide measureable value; making your Oracle Siebel CRM system faster and easier to use and to deliver a real return on your investment.

The aMind Web Framework enables companies to define and streamline business processes in any channel. It was designed with complete flexibility to tailor processes as needed – leveraging Siebel constructs in a way that provides extreme performance improvements, but does not require painful customizations – so the resulting aMind-enabled Siebel solution is easily upgradable and maintainable.

Key Benefit

Improve Performance

Streamline processes, improve task times, reduce screens and clicks, and increase user and system performance. Improve your system’s usability with aMind Solutions – enjoy reduced task times and the ability to provide the online and self-service applications your company needs. With an aMind-enabled Siebel CRM implementation your users will experience dramatically fewer screens and clicks to complete common tasks; as well as dramatically faster “user perceived” system response times.

Make your Siebel CRM application work for you – transform it to fit your unique business process.

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aMind Process Optimization Benefits
  • Improved System Usability, Measured by Reduced Task Times and Ability to Provide Online and Self-service Applications
  • Dramatically Fewer Screens and Clicks Required to Complete Common Tasks
  • Dramatically Faster “User Perceived” System Response Times
Customer Success

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