Product Configuration

aMind offers a unique solution through the aMind Web Framework to dramatically improve the performance of the most complex product configuration problems.

Communications Bundling Configuration

Optimized over multiple deployments with leading telecommunications providers around the world, the product collaboration features of the aMind xPlay Accelerator delivers dramatic improvements and accelerated time to market for companies that sell bundled products and services using Oracle Siebel CRM.

Unique Approach: aMind runs all the product models at once in the background (running slow steps in the background and keeping Siebel fast) and provides the user with a single, consolidated UI to drive user decisions (so the process is simple and UI navigation steps are avoided).

Impressive Results: Deployments for communications bundling configurations using the aMind Web Framework typically provide performance improvements of 40% to 70% and task time improvements of 50% to 70% compared to standard Siebel configurations and processes.

High Tech and Medical Device Configuration – Complex Assemblies

Optimized over multiple deployments with high tech and medical device manufacturers, the product collaboration features of the aMind Products and Pricing Accelerator delivers dramatic improvements in Siebel Product Configurator performance.

Unique Approach: aMind runs multiple small product models in the background (so Siebel is fast) while the user interacts with a single consolidated UI (so the process is simple and intuitive). The aMind Web Framework takes care of the “glue rules” between the multiple independent models.

Impressive Results: By allowing products to be modeled and executed as re-usable assemblies rather than the classic “one big model” pattern, performance is improved by 80% to 90% and system maintenance is reduced by 30% to 40%.

Key Benefits

Improve Performance

Improve task times and increase system performance. With aMind Solutions, your company will experience dramatically faster task completion times, as well as dramatically faster system response times.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your maintenance costs. aMind can significantly reduce your product maintenance time and product maintenance effort by minimizing application complexity, increasing administrative comprehension, and utilizing various rule frameworks to their fullest potentials.

Does your Siebel system easily handle complex product configurations?

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aMind Product Configuration Benefits
  • Dramatically Faster Task Completion Times
  • Dramatically Faster System Response Times
  • Significantly Reduced Product Maintenance Time and Effort
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