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aMind Seamlessly Integrates Siebel and

Companies can leverage aMind Web Framework to expose Oracle Siebel CRM functionality with the web-based, intuitive, easy to use UI of while achieving the highest level of usability, functionality, and performance.

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Expose Siebel Functionaility

aMind Solutions can deliver an application that fully utilizes your Siebel data and processes and seamlessly integrates them using the aMind Web Framework to expose them through to your users.


Frontend Application:
Service Layer: aMind Web Framework
Backend Application: Oracle Siebel.



Siebel + aMind Web Framework +

Using the aMind Web Framework to integrate Siebel and delivers an even more powerful solution.

More Features & Capabilities

Leverage unique Siebel capabilities, such as: product configuration, pricing, eligibility and compatibility, asset-based ordering, quoting and ordering, complex service assignments, routing and escalation, etc. Using built-in data integrations, take advantage of capabilities such as analytics and pipeline analysis.

Quote & Order Functionality UI provides access to the Siebel quote to order process, displaying a list of Siebel quotes related to the opportunity, the ability to create new quotes, and access to workflow inbox for managerial review and approval of quotes exceeding dynamically calculated thresholds limits.

User Experience

Designed to be highly intuitive, the added features, capability, and functionality exposed by the aMind Web Framework will follow your user experience pattern of Your user’s experience is further optimized by reducing the number steps required and enabling flexibility in the order of the steps to complete the process.


Performance is improved by pre-loading, parallel execution, and presumptive background-processing Siebel interactions ? while still fully leveraging all Siebel data and engines in real time.



Quote and Order Capture

With the aMind Web Framework the quote to order process is fully supported.

Complete Quote Management

Capabilities are exposed to modify Quote, create revisions with Siebel state model ensuring appropriate revision access, approval and history are maintained, and save Quote as ‘Favorite’ to avoid recreating often used configurations.

Bidirectional Integration

Context data required for the Quoting process (such as Account, Opportunity, and User) is passed from to Siebel enabling context-sensitive application of rules for pricing, eligibility, compatibility, authorization, and more. Siebel data is passed back to, either user-triggered or automatically, to leverage the information in processes (such as forecasting and reporting).

Dynamic Pricing

Summary of costs details one-time and monthly recurring costs for selected products and services.


Product Catalog

The aMind Web Framework augments by leveraging Siebel functionality.

Type-ahead Catalog Search

The aMind Web Framework in-memory catalog cache enables user to enter part of a search term and utilizes AJAX to instantly display a list of all products in the available catalogs that contain the search term fragment.

Hierarchical Product Catalog

Siebel Catalogs, Categories, and Category Products are displayed based upon catalog visibility rules.

Current Quotation

Compact quote view, with expandable view of complex product child components, provides convenient reminder of currently selected products and services and the ability to remove unwanted items.

Quote Favorites

The user can choose to add individual simple or complex line items from the “Favorite” to the current quote or add all the favorite line items at once retaining all configured option selections of the favorite.



With the aMind Web Framework, the product and service configuration process in enhanced.

Guidance & Sales Messaging

Guidance and sales messaging provides immediate feedback to guide and/or inform the user, such as when inefficient or incompatible options are selected, up-sell offers are available, or when a cross-sell has been automatically added to the configuration.

Dynamic User Interface

Navigation and UI controls are dynamically generated from pre-defined UI templates selected in product administration, offering flexibility to adapt the user experience without having to directly modify the HTML.


Quote to Order Process Controls

Manage the process by applying automated validations, escalations, approvals, and analysis.

“Quote to Favorite” Feature

Quotes can be saved as a ‘Favorite’ to avoid having to recreate often used configurations saving users’ valuable time during the quoting process.

Validation Rules and Approval Workflow

Set validation threshold limits, based upon data such as discount levels, cost / margin calculations, product line, user position, and more. Dynamically route Quotes to the appropriate level in the organizational hierarchy using tiered approval thresholds.

Track Margin Erosion

Price waterfall, linked from Net Price, displays all impacts to the final price, including manual, volume, promotional and agreement discounts, uplifts, minimums and more, providing pricing calculation transparency to the user and granular margin analysis to management.

Generate Customized Proposals

Selectable proposal sections enable user to tailor content to the audience or to the current step in the sales cycle and content can be automatically included based on selected products, services, account type or other quote data.

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