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aMind Delivers Order Management for Stryker

aMind Web Framework successfully solves significant configurator, performance, and usability problems for Stryker Communications and Stryker Endoscopy.
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Stryker Communications
Quoting & Ordering Solution

The internal order management application is used by Stryker’s Communications division to create and configure customer quotes for Stryker’s iSuite products (equipment in a typical hospital operating room). The application is used by Stryker sales representatives in the field ? main features include: enhanced account management, detailed and multi-layer quote configuration, complex price discounting, and quote approval workflow.


UI: JSF / Seam
Service Layer: aMind Web Framework
Backend: Oracle Siebel 8.1.x



Home Page

In the application’s home page, sales representatives can see quotes recently worked on as well as those already submitted for review.

Top & Left Navigation

Main navigation provides easy and consistent access to home, accounts, quotes, trials & site visits, and orders tabs; as well as a list of recent items accessed throughout the application.

Advanced Search & Sort Capability

Query-by-example search and sort capability provided across numerous header fields throughout the application.

Recent Activity & Reminders

Provides summary of quotes with recent activity, requests that are out for review, and reminders.

Resource Links

Provides links to internal resources to support the sales process.


Accounts Tab (“My Accounts”)

Sales representatives can view and manage accounts and create quotes from the Accounts tab.

Create Prospect

Sales reps can create a “prospect” account for customers that do not yet exist in Siebel. Quotes and orders associated with a prospect account will be automatically converted when that account is converted into a customer account.

Create Quote

Click the “+” icon on an account to open the account’s location addresses. A quote can be created for any location by clicking on associated “Create Quote” button


Quotes Tab (“My Quotes”)

Sales representatives can view and manage quotes from the Quotes tab.

Record Paging

Sales rep can dynamically adjust the number of records displayed on a page and scroll through records.

Recent Activity & Summary Details

Quick view of recently modified quotes provided (default sort by modification date) with aggregate data for each quote.


New Quote Configuration

Sales representatives can create and configure new quotes.

Navigation Links

Section navigation links with current record count – these links provide a quick view of the number of records within each section and reduce time scrolling down to the individual sections within the page.

Add Components

Selecting “add configurations” opens a list of configurable solutions from the product catalog, selecting “add manual parts” allows selection of individual items or spares.

Product Catalog

Sales represententative can select from high level products, product suites, accessories, service and installation options as well as upgrades from the product catalog.

Configuration Status Indicators

The product’s configuration status indicator is Red when conflicting or required selections remain and Green once the configuration is complete. Selecting a Red icon will navigate to the product’s configuration screen.

Dynamic Configuration

Configuration of indvidual components is dynamic, allowing for dependent changes to options. Images in the configuration are dynamic as well, and change to reflect selections made. Completing a configuration automatically selects the collection of smaller parts necessary for the quote’s bill of materials (BOM).

Unique Configuration Rules
& Administration

Configuration rules and administration were created to replace native Siebel configuration constraints to overcome both performance challenges and customer requirements around how conflicts should be resolved. Specifically, invalidated constraints could only be resolved by making certain adjustments and not others.


Pricing & Discounts

Sales representatives can review prices and apply discounts to the quote.

Quote Generation

Quote and bill of materials (BOM) automatically generated with individual components displaying pricing and any discounts applied.

GPO Contract Support

Application efficiently accommodates Group Purchasing Organization contracts into the process, eliminating unnecessary and tedious manual work and pricing errors.

Pricing Details

Provides a summary of the quote’s list price, GPO / contract price, GPO discounts, product line discounts, special discounts, equipment discounts, etc.

Quote Discounts

Discount pricing can be applied by product line, by line item or across the entire order. Price discounts are color coded: Red indicates approval is required, and Green indicates no further action is required.

Automatic Approvals Process

For discounts outside of the sales representatives’ authority (in Red), automated discount approvals processes and notifications reduce manual steps and time-consuming delays before getting back to the customer.

Approvals Status

View of current status of any approvals required for current quote.


Proposals & Reports

Sales representatives can automatically create proposals and reports with a touch of a button.


Sales representatives can save a quote as a “favorite”? generating a template of all configuration and pricing details that can be used as a starting point for future quotes.

Proposals & Reports

Internal reports and high impact executive summaries and proposals complete with pictures, product images, and product-value messaging can be quickly and easily generated from the application.


Quote proposal and report documents are automatically attached to the quote, allowing sales representatives to download and/or attach documents to an email directly from the application.

Expandable Sections

Expandable sections ? for notes, sales team, audit trail, etc. ? provide efficient access to information that is relevant and important in the process of managing the opportunity.

System Response Time

Long-running operations, such as report generation, are performed asynchronously in the background so the sales representative can remain productive while processing.

Performance & Usability

The application has been designed to improve performance, simplify product maintenance, and reduce the configuration complexity of the extremely complex surgical operating theater solutions (exceeding 1,700 different parts).

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