Quoting & Ordering

Using aMind Solutions for quoting and ordering maximizes the value of your Oracle Siebel CRM investment, providing superior quote and order functionality with a highly efficient, high performance system that is very easy to use.

Quoting and ordering is one of the most strategic functions a company will implement and, when designed well, can provide an organization with the ability to clearly differentiate itself from its competition. Establishing the right quoting and ordering process is critical for any company, and it is not necessarily a simple task. To establish the right process requires a customized approach because not only do quoting and ordering processes differ vastly by industry, they also differ significantly for companies within the same industry.

aMind offers a unique solution to this critical problem by delivering a completely different approach to quoting and ordering for Oracle Siebel CRM.

The aMind Web Framework was designed with complete flexibility to tailor processes as needed – leveraging Siebel constructs in a way that provides extreme performance improvements, but does not require painful customizations – so the resulting aMind-enabled Siebel solution is easily upgradable and maintainable. aMind extends that flexibility to support user processes and does not require users to use the Siebel UI with all the restrictions that come with it. aMind-enabled quoting and ordering solutions are tailored for your company’s unique needs and are not only better for end users but also turns out to be far less expensive and much faster to implement than the out-of-the-box Siebel process. In fact, the average aMind quoting and ordering implementation results in an 80% usability improvement, while being almost 50% less expensive than the out-of-the-box Siebel implementation.

Key Benefits

Improve Performance

Optimize your processes. aMind designs efficient user-friendly processes that are easy to adopt and apply, and are based on industry-specific best practices. With aMind Solutions, you can reduce the number of clicks or steps required to complete a typical quote or order by 50% to 75% (on average).

Speed Time to Market

Enable multi-channel delivery. aMind will enable you to gain multi-channel leverage of a single quoting and ordering infrastructure. Use aMind Web Framework to configure and extend Siebel into an excellent multi-channel application, avoiding UI dependencies, and allowing all your channels to use just the right combination of features while producing a consistent and complete result.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your deployment and maintenance costs. With aMind Solutions, you can regain full leverage of your investment using Siebel capabilities to their utmost in a correct and logical way to minimize long-term cost of maintenance.

Establish correct customizations.†aMindís customizations are focused to produce significant benefits at a modest cost. With this focus, aMind’s customizations avoid excessive, costly customizations that offer little benefit and/or inadequate customizations that result in awkward processes with little to no benefit to the business, system, or end user.

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Streamlined Configuration and Quoting Process

An international communications company hired aMind Solutions to streamline its configuration and quoting process with stellar results:

  • 50% Reduction in Quoting Time
  • 60% Fewer User Actions Required
  • 90% Less Training Required
Customer Success

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