Siebel-powered eCommerce


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100% Client Satisfaction Across the World's Largest Brands

Discover how easy it is to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs with eCommerce powered by Siebel.


"Thanks to aMind our eCommerce solution has dramatically improved customer self-service from single digits to more than 50 percent, bringling value to our customers and to the organization."


Leverage Your Siebel Investment to Deliver Customer Self-service and Reduce Costs

Your call center is one of your most expensive channels to operate and driving all your customers to that channel when they need to make changes to their products and services is extremely expensive and won’t win you any JD Power customer satisfaction awards.

When your products have dozens of configurations. When you have thousands of SKUs. When product bundles change frequently, and promotion options cause confusion, let aMind sort it out.

Rapidly Deliver Self-service Capabilities to Customers

We have worked with leading companies to drive customer interaction to their self-service channel – dramatically improving the customer experience/satisfaction and reducing overall organizational costs.

aMind’s eCommerce enabling technology, the aMind Application Web Framework (AWF), lets you build commerce, customer support, and service features for your corporate website directly on top of your Siebel CRM solution. There are:

  • No changes to your website infrastructure.
  • No complicated Siebel CRM programming.
  • No additional applications or upgrades.
  • No need to maintain multiple systems.

All of the customer, service, catalog, contract, and quote/order/asset data and rules from your Oracle Siebel CRM solution are combined with the modern user interface and branding of your eCommerce platform.

Product complexities are elegantly managed in the background. The end result is an engaging, seamless user experience.

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Put all Your Siebel Functionality to Work and Save

By turning Siebel objects, processes and rules into plain Java objects or web services, AWF allows you to utilize all your Siebel functionality. Web developers can take this data to build a fully branded eCommerce experience. Because no additional database is required and no constructs are imposed, all actions are immediately reflected in your Siebel environment.

Unlike implementing a separate eCommerce application/database, aMind leverages your Siebel investment resulting in a single solution at a fraction of the cost.

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