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Ease Your Migration from Siebel to Salesforce

You have spent many years and many millions customizing Oracle Siebel CPQ with processes that drive your business. And now your organization wants to migrate to the cloud with Salesforce!

There is no easy way to rip and replace your Siebel CPQ. Extensive integrations, complex functionality and heavy customization all keep you locked in.

Starting fresh with a new cloud-based CPQ is expensive and disruptive. There is a tremendous impact on the organization, especially when it is being done in parallel with migrating your core CRM system. And custom building CPQ, while allowing you to reuse SOA services across your channels, is highly risky.

There is a way to get the best of both worlds, and it is Siebel-Salesforce co-existence.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Siebel-Salesforce Co-existence

aMind’s hybrid co-existence solution eases your Siebel migration to Salesforce. Taking a multi-phase approach allows you to move core SFA, call center and partner engagement capabilities to the cloud without the cost, risk and organizational impact associated with replacing your CPQ solution in parallel.

Leveraging existing Siebel CPQ capabilities has several Siebel to Salesforce migration advantages:

  • You are able to reuse Siebel, and the integrations you have painstakingly built.
  • A hybrid solution deploys in months rather than years.
  • You likely already have the skills in your IT department.
  • The project risk is significantly reduced.

Hybrid Co-Existence with AWF; The Fastest, Least Risky Path to the Cloud

aMind’s Web Application Framework (AWF) is the only solution that leverages your Siebel CPQ investment while enhancing the look, feel and performance of your applications. The framework unlocks Siebel processes in real-time within the Salesforce user interface. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Handle tight process integration for example sales force automation and call center in Salesforce and order management in Siebel.
  • Change your Siebel user interface to match Salesforce.
  • Deliver a seamless user experience through the modern Salesforce interface.
  • Deploy five times faster than alternatives.
  • Reduce risk by unwinding Siebel implementation over time vs. all at once.
  • Defer or avoid Siebel upgrades. AWF leverages the current Siebel version.

Learn how AWF Siebel-Salesforce co-exist took Intuit’s call center from awful to awesome.

The CPQ Power of Siebel + UI Beauty of Salesforce

AWF leverages all of Siebel’s functionality to deliver new Salesforce UI/UXs that are highly optimized for each channel, improving the user experience everywhere. The result is happier employees and increased productivity. Our clients report:

  • 75% fewer screens and clicks
  • 85% improved system response times
  • 70 % faster quotes and orders
  • A leading technology manufacturer creates 215,000 quotes per month from 5,000 employee and partner users.
  • A leading global services company reduced order entry time for its flagship products by 80% and increased web orders from <1% of total to 35% in six months.
  • A leading communications company reduced quote capture time for its most popular products by 50%.

Learn more about Siebel + aMind + Salesforce and start your Siebel to Salesforce migration.